On the Road…

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jim Hopton and Peggy Barger at JeffPegjimerson Morgan Elementary school to celebrate their victory for PA’s March Blogging Contest.
  The Jefferson Morgan Elementary School staff welcomed me with smiles and appreciation when I arrived with pizza for the entire staff.  For the contest, Jim and Peggy recruited their colleagues to help post 64 comments on their Blog titled Let’s Go Paperless.  Their creativity, determination, and strategic planning resulted in a WIN for their school. Congratulations…It was great meeting all of you!!

After my pizza party, I traveled north to visit Barbara Bianco at Falk Laboratory School, a unique K-8 school located on the University of Pittsburgh campus.  I presented to a small group of staff members who were excited to learn about digital media and all of the new features in unitedstreaming.  I appreciate all the teachers who came to my presentation at the end of a very long workday in between their evening meetings.    

My travels continued on Wednesday and Thursday to host two wonderful Days of Discovery; one at Beaver Valley IU 27 and the other at Riverview IU 6.  The educators at both IU’s were enthusiastic about learning how to integrate digital media into the classroom.  We created video libraries, writing prompts, and quizzes to take back and use in the classroom.  Hopefully, the attendees will share the resources they created with their colleagues and continue to integrate technology into their classrooms.   

I’m currently in Virginia meeting with fellow field managers from Florida, Maryland, Virgina, New Jersey, and New England. Saturday I’ll be heading to California to help Jannita (Southern CA Field Manager) host some Family Cosmeo Nights.  If you need anything please feel free to e-mail or call.  Also, when you get a chance, check out the Blog below to see pictures from our Mining event from this past Saturday.


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  1. Erik Wittmer said:

    Jim and Peggy are my heroes! They finally got their pizza and I sure they enjoyed eating it all!! If you don’t know this two wonderful teachers, be sure to meet them at any PA event that has technology!!!

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