More Webinars…

RowThe EdTechConnect
series of FREE webinars continues with STAR Discovery Educator Carol Anne
Carol will be sharing her experiences with Rock Our World, an
international project involving 18 countries spanning the entire globe. Students and teachers come together to learn
about each other through podcasting, movie making, and face-to-face video
conferencing. Carol’s webinar will take place on October 18th at
5:00pm EST. Also, looking beyond
October, we have David Warlick lined up for November 15th and Will Richardson
for December 13th. Please mark your
calendar for all these events, registration information will be posted on the Blog in the
upcoming weeks.


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  1. Marti McGrath said:

    I just got off the webinar with Carole Ann Mcguire. She is so enthusiastic and sincere in her desire to connect kids world-wide. She certainly gives you an,”I can do this feeling.” I have a school to connect to in Thailand. I may be asking for lots of help in bringing a project to fruition.

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