Discovery Educator Network Pre-Conference Event at T+L in Dallas, Texas

Tl_logo_1On Tuesday, November 7, 2006 we will be hosting an exclusive STAR Discovery Educator event providing attendees an opportunity to be a kid again…sort of.  This full-day event will start with a powerful, interactive presentation by Deneen Frazier Bowen called “The Natives Are Restless.”  Deneen’s presentation will get STAR Discovery Educators into the mindset of their students.  What is it like to be a tech-savvy, digital native?  What role does media play in your life?  How do you learn best?  What tools do you use to learn?

After Deneen’s opening presentation, attendees will discover new ways to reach their students by spending time learning the way their students do. 

Let Me Tell the Story
Your students don’t want to just consume content, they want to create it.  In this session you will learn how to tell your own story using unitedstreaming assets and your own digital images.

unitedstreaming to Go
Face it, your students are on the move.  They go from football practice to a Boy Scout meeting on their way to their sister’s dance recital.  That 25 question worksheet just isn’t on their radar.  So, meet them half-way and give them content to go.  Learn how to put unitedstreaming content, PowerPoints and other educational resources onto your video iPod.

Director’s Cut: unitedstreaming Editable Clips
Allow your students to make real-life connections to their learning…literally.  Have them become part of the show.  In this session you will create digital movies where you become the star.

If you would like to attend, please comment to this blog post with your name, state, email address and favorite DEN story by October 20, 2006.  Attendance is limited.


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Hey! This is Tim Childers from the great state of Tennessee. My email is

    My favorite DEN story involves all the DEN members who came to our TAMS Drive-In conference. Lance Rougeux did a keynote entitled, “Don’t Look at the Duck.” Out of 175 people attending, I was amazed at how many did NOT use unitedstreaming, did NOT read a blog, and had NEVER heard of a wiki.

    A few days after presentations on unitedstreaming, the DEN, and digital storytelling, I was approached by one of our band/choir directors. He told me he had been up until midnight every night using PhotoStory 3 to create stories about his family and his classes! He can’t wait for more in-school sessions!

    Thanks to all the DEN members who helped us out. You all were amazing!!

  2. Denyse Holloway said:

    My name is Denyse Holloway This sounds like a really exciting event and a great way to get involved in the DEN! My third grade students narrated editable clips (using Movie Maker)at the beginning of the year to complete a Social Studies Unit about the US flag. They did a great job and are “restless” to start another project. I would love to attend this event and am excited to learn more.

  3. Erik Wittmer said:

    Erik Wittmer reporting from the snack food capital of the world, Hanover, Pennsylvania and a brief comment on my classroom use of unitedstreaming. The home of Utz potato chips and Synders pretzels are the two big plants out here supplying the states with snacks. My students will be putting together animal reports using images and photostory rather then writing the report. My students struggle to write and what a great way for them to relay information to their classmates. I love talking about unitedstreaming, its many benefits and trying to get my district to utilize it the best way possible. Thank you goes out to all the DEN members who share their resources on the site, the regional and state level people who organize so many great events and anyone else I missed. I can be reached at

  4. Melodi Power said:

    Hello. I am Melodi Power coming to you from the Eastern Shore. The island of wild ponies, in Chincoteague, Virginia is our claim to fame. You may contact me electronically at:

    I have been teaching for 6 years now and the passion ain’t gone! As a teacher, I am willing to try new, innovative ways to get my students engaged. In the classroom, my students developed powerpoint shows on standards of learning concepts for our grade level. The students chose their favorite person that we studied during the year. Through internet and reference research, students developed presentations using facts obtained, unitedstreaming, and graphics. They then presented to their peers throughout the grade level. My students flew with this project! I am now taking on a new position this year as a Technology Integration Resource Teacher, which means I am going to schools throughout my county helping them to integrate technology into their daily lessons. I do this by modeling and offering professional development on concepts such as using remote device systems, powerpoints, interactive powerpoints with the response devices and unitedstreaming, webquests, Schoolpads, and SMARTboards. The DEN has served as a powerful resource to use for all of my teacher’s needs. I am always willing to try new things and share them with fellow teachers. I know attending this event would be an incredible opportunity 🙂

  5. Kayla Steiner said:

    Howdy! I’m Kayla Steiner,, from ESC Region XI in Fort Worth, Texas.

    As a regional videostreaming coordinator with some of the best area teachers in the world, I’ve had many great DEN memories over the years. However, my favorite memory happened one snowy December Friday at our first DEN event, our “Day of Discovery”.

    Now, in north Texas, we only have 1 or 2 snow-days a year, and wouldn’t you know, the 1 day that we plan to host our first videostreaming mini-conference just had to coincide with our 1 and only snow day last winter. With over 150 people registered for our event, we watched nervously as the weatherman’s prediction of snow became a reality. Now, ice and snow may be a way of life for some of you, but in our area, it pretty much brings life as we know it to a stand-still, so as the day began, Michelle Weeks, our local DEN manager, and I began to wonder if we’d have to eat all of those fajitas ourselves, but, with that amazing Texas pioneer spirit, over 100 teachers, librarians, and technologists braved the weather to join us at our event, most who stuck it out to the very end, and all ultimately making the day an amazing success.

    Even though it took me over 6 hours to drive the 40 miles northward home that night, the “Icy Day of Discovery” has gone down as my all-time favorite DEN memory.

    Thanks to our Region XI DEN members for making my job an amazing adventure – and to all of the great folks at Discovery for everything you do for teachers and students everywhere!

  6. Maria Aguilera-Marquez said:

    Hola!Salve!Bonjour! My name is Maria Aguilera-Marquez. I am from Arlington, Texas. I teach Spanish & Exploratory Language at a junior high school. A Day of Discovery, in Fort Worth Texas last year, marked my life forever! My first experience with United Streaming changed the way I have been teaching. The weather and icy roads didn’t stop me from attending a wonderful event at the Region XI Service Center. I had long awaited the moment to learn more about how to use this great resource that,we, teachers have at our fingertips. Technology through United Streaming allows us to travel throughout the world. When learning about Latin and about the Romans, I can take my students on a trip to the way of life in the times of the Romans. As we explore, Spanish, we’ve taken a trip to Mexico to see what school life is like to Mexican students. There are so many possiblities! The one thing that I love is that my students can see the world that may be out of their reach, but through technology, we are making it possible. Thank you, Discovery Education!

  7. David Grelle said:

    As an Instructional Technology Consultant for Region 10 ESC, my primary responsibility is serving and supporting our Discovery Education Unitedstreaming subscribers. I guess I have two favorite experiences. The first happens everytime I do an on campus or R10 professional development session, my participants come away with smiling, because they have learned something that they can use, tomorrow, in their classroom that will excite their students and make their teaching more relevant to our 21 century kids. The second happened last spring as I was registering new subscribers at an elementary campus. The counselor asked if any of the Sunburst videos were available through Discovery Education Unitedstreaming. I showed the group how to search for videos specific to a publisher – and we found 134 Sunburst videos. First the counselor screamed oh my god! laughed and cried, saying that she had been purchasing Sunburst videos for about 5 years at a rate of 1 per year because they were so expensive, trying to build up her collection. Now she could use the funds for more important things because every one she wanted was included in our titles!

  8. Mary Carole Strother said:

    I am from Region X in Dallas, Texas. I work as a library media specialist in McKinney ISD. I am lookng forward to a great conference and gaining more experience in podcasting. I have created a few podcasts but have not really taken advantage of their full potential.

  9. Linda Rush said:

    I am Linda Rush, a teacher with the Catholic Diocese of Dallas at Notre Dame Special School. I teach computers to students ages 8-21 who are mild to moderately mentally challenged. The DEN has provided me with the regional, state and national opportunities to learn more about interactive learning using united streaming. I have learned how to use technology to modify and adapt my lessons so that I can engage each and every student. This T&L pre-conference sounds like an awesome event to attend and I am excited about learning more about technology application. You may contact me at

    I attended NECC 2006 in San Diego and on July 7th, Hall Davidson was suppose to speak about mixing Google Earth and Media but the topic was changed to “Mega VCR: Media and More in your Pocket”. The session was informative as well as entertaining. The session proved to be very useful and my teachers at my school are so amazed at how educational an iPod can be in a school setting like ours.

  10. Jackie Deluna said:

    My name is Jackie Deluna. I am a technology coordinator, researcher and author of the Infusing Technology book series. Above all of that, I am an avid United Streaming user and trainer. In my district we coordinate each year’s technology training with United Streaming. This year we are focusing on using United Streaming with the already amazing products we own like; e-Instruction, Inspiration, Movie Maker, Google Earth and more. We have also began using the United Streaming Upload manager to begin producing and adding our on content.

    I am extremely excited on learning more on United Streaming to go. I can’t wait to learn about this at the T&L conference in Dallas. I began a podcast called Staff Development to Go. This is a short 5 minute podcast on ways to improve lessons and classroom instruction. United Streaming video will make podcasting even more innovative.

  11. Libby Hamilton said:

    Hi I am Libby Hamilton from Azle TX! I thought I posted before weeks ago but don’t see it! My favorite DEN experience is also the DEN Day of Discovery that was held at our regional eduation center that Kayla mentioned! What a day! I wasn’t sure I would even get there. We had a great day of fun and learning. I’ve attended other events and they are always fun and full of wonderful learning opportunities!

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