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These days with products like unitedstreaming, video integration into the classroom seems like it should be a breeze.  Hyperlinking and embedding videos into PowerPoint should be as easy as 1-2-3!    As we all know, sometimes it’s not as easy as it should be.

Don’t fear, the Discovery Education unitedstreaming Implementation Team is here to help!

Ever get that  annoying white screen when you embed unitedstreaming videos into PowerPoint? We’ve got a simple fix for you.  Change the video’s file name.  I told you it was simple!

When downloading and saving videos, make sure to keep the file and folder names brief.  If the file or folder name exceeds 128 character spaces, the file will not load into PowerPoint properly.

Remember when you "Save Target As" or "Download Link As," you can shorten or rename the file names to whatever you want.  It’s all in the name! 

Need a hard copy of this tip?  Check out page 25 of the Discovery Education unitedstreaming User Guide found in the Trainer’s Tool Kit of the Professional Development section.

Have there been times when you are showing your class a video through PowerPoint and the sound is barley audible or not even there?   You are stumped because you previewed the video before embedding into the presentation and the sound was fine.  Don’t worry, there is a simple solution!

All you have to do is increase the maximum size allowed for linked sound files within PowerPoint.

To do this, go into the Tool menu and then into Options.  In the General tab, you can increase the amount within "Link sounds with file size greater than" to 50,000 KB. Once you make this change, you should see a large difference in sound!

Hope these tips come in handy!

Kristine C. Shih
Discovery Education, Implementation


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  1. Ana McMoran said:

    Thanks for great tips, I was wondering about the sound.
    Got a question for the team: How do I download my own class video projects(from a video camera) into iTunes to then download into iPods??? or audio?? I would love some help in that area. I have heard about a converter, but which one works. I use PC, that is where the problem is. macs , lucky you, you do not deal with this converter issue. Please Help!

  2. Sue Summerford said:

    Thanks, Kristine,
    This information is extremely helpful! I’m glad I learned about the Implementation Blog – I’ll be checking back here for more tips for using Unitedstreaming more effectively!

  3. Ana McMoran said:

    I figured it out. Needed a converter.. found a free one, and it works great Jodix Free iPod Video Converter. If you are PC user and you are using iPods in your class try it, it really works.

  4. ana mcmoran said:

    Little problem with my Pwpt.MP3 files, any advise will help.
    My Pwpt. has always play my MP3s, but suddenly, smthg extraterrestrial has happened, it does not play them anymore, all the other laptops in my class do, except mine, it only plays wave files! Where should I look to reset the settings or what should I do?? Thanks, any light will help me see better.

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