Discovery Educator Network Dinner @ T+L

Tl_logo_4Join us to rustle up some grub at Eddie Deen’s Ranch on Wednesday, November 8, 2006.  This event is open to all Discovery Educators attending the T+L Conference or willing to make the trip to Eddie Deen’s.  Food, fun and networking will be the focus of the night.  Hope to see your there!

Dinner Details
Eddie Deen’s Ranch
Wednesday, November 8, 2006 ~ 7:00 pm
944 South Lamar
Dallas, Texas 75202
888-535-DEEN (3336)

Driving Directions & Map –
The Ranch is walking distance from the Dallas Convention Center and also accessible from The Dart Rail line that stops at the Convention Center.  Parking is also available at the Ranch for a minimal cost.

Please RSVP for dinner by October 18, 2006 by commenting to this blog post.
Provide your name, state, email address and favorite DEN story.


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  1. Mary Carole Strother said:

    I am a library media specialist at Finch Elementary in McKinney ISD. I would love to attend the preconference and dinner. I have just trained my teachers in how to use United Streaming. My favorite powerpoint that I have created was on Kinney McKinney visits McKinney Landmarks. I have an animated character that visits the landmarks of the city. I embedded a video clip about natioanl landmarks from the video selection “This is my country”.

    I would love to have my name put in the drawing to have a chance to win the opportunity to attend the conference. I will follow all the guidelines for particpating in the conference.

  2. Linda Rush said:

    I am Linda Rush and I teach computers to mild and moderately mentally challenged students at Notre Dame Special School in Dallas. The DEN has provided me with an awesome network of teachers to learn and share with. Tomorrow I will doing an in-service for other teachers in Catholic Diocese of Dallas to teach them how to use united streaming audio, video clips and images in a creative way to make powerpoint jeopardy games. The DEN has provided me with regional, state and national learning opportunities that I share with both my school and district. Please RSVP me in attending the Eddie Deen’s Ranch Dinner on the evening of Nov.8th. I would also like to be in the drawing to attending the T&L Conference. You can contact me at

  3. Vicki Hart said:

    My name is Vicki Hart. I will be attending the Eddie Deans dinner. DEN events by Michelle are the best!! I am a Instructional Technology Facilitator in Keller ISD. My favorite memory is watching a group of teachers last week look at me like I had given them bars of gold when they created their United Streaming accounts. It is always best when the teachers are excited! I would love to be enterted in the drawing to attend the conference as well. It is always fun to learn new things!

  4. Jackie Deluna said:

    My name is Jacke Deluna and I am the technology coordinator for Wichita Falls, Texas. I am also the author of the Infusing Technology Series books and coming soon the creator of the Infusing Technology Labs. I would love to attend the dinner and bring a perspective DEN member.

    I am excited to attend the T&L conference and to network with other technology educators.

    I am hosting a United Streaming Technology Institute this year. We will host approximately 16-20 training sessions at 3 hours each. Our attendance should be around 400 teachers. We are using topics such as:

    Infusing United Streaming and e-Instruction in your Classroom.
    United Streaming and Google Earth
    United Streaming and Digital Storytelling
    United Streaming and Inspiratiom
    and many more.

    Participants will receive a $50 stipend for attending these workshops along with opportunities for door prizes. My goal was to purchase a custom thumb drive for every participant but I am not sure if the funding will be there. I have found with United Streaming that we will NEVER run out of training topics.

    My newest adventure is United Streaming Updates. I send out every other week a United Streaming, Did you Know? I am always blown away by the number of teachers who reply and thank me for the information.

    See everyone in Dallas!

  5. Jennifer Courduff said:

    My name is Jennifer Courduff and I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for Etiwanda School District. Our entire district has UnitedStreaming and the teachers LOVE IT!
    Our latest cool event was planned and hosted by Maureen Marino, a DEN member from Golden Elementary School. The event was COSMEO nights for families in the area. It was a huge success, and the first COSMEO event in California. Go Maureen! A special thanks to wonderful Jannita for helping and for being there!

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Ranch!

  6. Rachel Yurk said:

    Hello! I will be there working with SMART Technologies and presenting with a team of two other DEN Educators. Not sure how available we will be but we will certainly stop by the booth and say hi!

  7. Carolyn Tuomy said:

    Is it too late to RSVP for the dinner? Cathie Berg and I are DEN members from Calif. and would like to attend. Can we bring our Technology Coordinator? If it weren’t for her we wouldn’t be coming.

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