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Welcome to the Discovery Educator Network Podcast hosted by Brad Fountain, Regional Manager Discovery Educator Network.  The podcast can be subscribed to via iTunes or can be downloaded from the DEN National Blog.  The initial podcast will focus on utilizing Character Education to enhance your school and will feature an interview with Dr. Merle Schwartz, Director of Education and Research for the Character Education Partnership.  This podcast will link directly to the Character Education Webinar that will be presented on Thursday, October 5th at 4PM. The second podcast will air on October 18, 2006 and will focus on utilizing the Professional Development section of unitedstreaming for enhancing classroom instruction and will feature Lisa O’Brien, Professional Development Content Developer at Discovery Education.  At the end of each podcast there will be a question posed that can be answered by utilizing unitedstreaming, the DEN website, or possibly other Discovery Education products.  Each entry must be emailed to the host and all correct entries will be entered into a drawing for a special Discovery Education Prize.  So check out the NEW DEN PODCAST!!! 

To save this podcast to your desktop, right-click the link below and choose "save as".

Download 01_show_1_interview_with_dr. Merle 2.mp3


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks Brad. I saved the link and will be checking it out before the webinar today. I have my character education teacher joining us today.

    Debbie Bohanan

  2. Ann Cooper said:

    I really enjoyed the discussion today about the differences between community service and service learning. You have given me lots to think about as I structure my program for this year.

    Does anyone else feel like teachers are under such pressure to get so much core material covered that they don’t feel like they have time to allow the students to have the role of the initiator. Any suggestions for how to help relieve the pressure and enable them to see the value in this type of learning.

    I love the idea of tying service learning to academics. It amazed me last year when I was trying to get teachers to have their students write to servicemen but they told me they didn’t have the time because they had to teach writing before the test. How absurd is that???

    There are so many wonderful opportunities but the challenge is to get the teachers to see the connection between their content and the projects.

  3. Karen Seddon said:

    I enjoyed listening to the podcast because I downloaded it to my iPod and had a VERY long walk in the Orlando Convention Center today. It made it go by much faster! I must say that the DEN member that can find the answer to Brad’s question at the end of the podcast is SUPER dedicated. Good luck!

  4. Linda Rush said:

    I am just now starting to listen to podcasts and find them such an informative way of learning. I teach mentally challenged students at a Catholic School in Dallas. We constantly remind our faculty to focus on the three ABC that Dr. Schwartz talked about(atonomy, belonging and confidence). These children will grow into caring citizens with meaningful lives.

    Linda Rush

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