The NSBA T+L Conference + DEN = Big Fun!

The T+L Conference, sponsored by NSBA (National School Boards Association), is being held next month from November 7 through November 10, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.  If you are a Discovery Educator and are planning to attend, come join us for some special Discovery Educator Network events.

Every day this week we will be posting additional information related to conference activities you can participate in, including a chance to receive an educational scholarship for this year’s conference

On Tuesday, November 7, 2006 we will be hosting an exclusive STAR Discovery Educator event providing attendees an opportunity to be a kid again…sort of.  This full-day event will start with a powerful, interactive presentation by Deneen Frazier Bowen called “The Natives Are Restless.”  Deneen’s presentation will get STAR Discovery Educators into the mindset of their students.  What is it like to be a tech-savvy, digital native?  What role does media play in your life?  How do you learn best?  What tools do you use to learn?

After Deneen’s opening presentation, attendees will discover new ways to reach their students by spending time learning the way their students do. 

Let Me Tell the Story

Your students don’t want to just consume content, they want to create it.  In this session you will learn how to tell your own story using unitedstreaming assets and your own digital images.

unitedstreaming to Go

Face it, your students are on the move.  They go from football practice to a Boy Scout meeting on their way to their sister’s dance recital.  That 25 question worksheet just isn’t on their radar.  So, meet them half-way and give them content to go.  Learn how to put unitedstreaming content, PowerPoints and other educational resources onto your video iPod.

Director’s Cut: unitedstreaming Editable Clips

Allow your students to make real-life connections to their learning…literally.  Have them become part of the show.  In this session you will create digital movies where you become the star.

If you would like to attend, please comment to this blog post with your name, state, email address and favorite DEN story by October 20, 2006.  Attendance is limited.   


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  1. George Lieux said:

    I am a DEN member from Fort Smith, AR. I will be attending the T + L Conference in Dallas, from Nov. 7 – 10. I would like to attend the special events for DEN members at this conference.
    Favorite story? many, recently, Movie Making Gone Wild…West

  2. Susan said:

    Hi George! I’m glad you enjoyed our Northern California silliness. We had a great time making our mini-movies. You should plan something with Gerard for your neck of the woods!

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