Level out your podcasts

Brian Bartel Dale Basler shares a great podcasting tip on his blog.

I just found out about a new tool called The Levelator from GigaVox Media.
This free tool levels out the audio automatically. The quiet gets louder, the
loud gets quieter—all in mere seconds with The Levelator.

If you vist the post, he has a dramatic example of the kind of difference it can make.  I know that I have this problem all the time when I try to record meetings.  Invariably, one person is closer to the microphone than others, which totally screws up the levels.  Can’t wait to try this tool out myself.

Got any podcasting tidbits of your own?  A tool or program that has worked well for you?

Update: Want to see a picture of Dale in action?  Check out this article about how "he is using podcasts to take what he teaches in his physics and physical sciences classrooms to a new level." 


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  1. Chris Champion said:

    Thanks for sharing that! My student-produced podcasts are sometimes a bit harsh, and since they are recorded at different times with different computers, I look forward to trying out the Levelator!

    Pretty soon, we’ll have a new season of Teen Computer News (http://www.cpavts.org/podcast)

  2. Dale Basler said:

    “Brian Bartel shares a great podcasting tip on his blog.”

    He did? All your Bartel are belong to us. 🙂

  3. Steve Dembo said:

    LoL, see, that’s what happens when you lead off a blog post with somebody else’s name! That’s the one that sticks 🙂 Thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the post. And thanks again for the great tip! Keep ’em coming…

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