We made the website, but you made it Excellent!

Technology & Learning magazine recently announced their 2006 Awards of Excellence winners, and guess who made the list?  DiscoveryEducatorNetwork.com

What I find most interesting about the list is that the vast majority of the winners are pieces of software or products.  I don’t think our website quite qualifies as a product, do you?  We welcome all educators who are interested in incorporating digital media in the classroom to register and participate online.  When you get down to it, we just provide the framework, but each of you provide the actual content!  Without Discovery Educators sharing resources, posting blog entries and chatting in the discussion boards, the DEN website would be a pretty boring place.

So congratulations to each of you that are participating on the DEN website!  It’s because of your contributions that the website is being recognized. 

For the record, I do have to through a shoutout to the other members of the Discovery Education family that made the cut.  NutshellMath, PowerMediaPlus and unitedstreaming were all recognized this year as well.  Pretty good company, eh?



  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Congratulations! We knew it was a great network and now the rest of the world will know it too.

  2. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks to the DEN members all over the country! But, we would be lost withoug United Streaming! We’ll have to take a bow for the United Streaming staff. They put together an awesome program that helped make us who we are because of this program and DEN!!!

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    unitedstreaming – has made it easier for teachers in a time when things are not easy for teachers – so it is a great collaboration – CONGRATULATIONS to DEN and unitedstreaming and other members of the Discovery Educator Family.

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