Region 16's 2nd Annual Day of Discovery

Can you believe that we had our 2nd Annual Day of Discovery at Region 16 ESC this week?  Boy has the last year been going a mile a minute??  Just wanted to share some cool things from our "STAR DEN Showcase: Show & Tell." 

Lori Reed (3rd Grade Teacher from Kress ISD) shared how she uses wikis to do her journal writing and TAKS Writing for 4th grade preparation.  She uses because it’s as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich!  Her students write their journal and essay entries and other students in the class are able to read and constructively comment on others work.  It’s free and can be password protected for just her class.  Check it out!

Billie Jameson (11th Grade US History Teacher from Amarillo ISD) showed her PowerPoint with embedded video clips and graphic organizer symbols for her unit on WWI.  Billie told the story of how she was finding a high test failure rate before she began using this PPTs.  After spending a week showing video, using print-outs of graphic organizer shapes for student note-taking, and scrolling slides for review questions during class transitions, her students’ average test scores increase by 28 points!.  AMAZING!  She even took a survey of how the kids learned best during that unit.  They really enjoyed learning with this type of technology.  Check out her project soon on the Educator Resources tab on the DEN site. 

Judy Riggle (3rd & 4th computer teacher from Borger ISD) shared her video clips from unitedstreaming that were "re-narrated" using MovieMaker.  Judy took a video about computer safety and used "kid-language" to create a reminder video for the kids in the computer lab.  In addition, one of her students (actually her daughter) was kind enough to narrate a video clip on the three branches of the government.  It really is easy to do!

Donna Hill (Instructional Technologist from Amarillo ISD) shared how to use unitedstreaming quizzes in the classroom.  Thanks to her, we have a beautiful PPT to share on the steps to create a quiz!  Download creating_a_quiz.ppt

Thanks again to Heather Voran from Region 16 ESC for her great presentations on editing clips in MovieMaker!  Looking forward to the 3rd Annual next year!!!


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