iStory, You Story, We…

… can all story.
     I used Apple’s rolling out of their "Rethink. Global Awareness" project in New York City last week as an excuse to finally go visit our actor/singer/dancer son. (Usontsquare_1BTW, he is currently appearing as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant on Times Square.) They closed down the Apple store in Soho for the evening so we could celebrate the culmination of our efforts stemming from a tour from Berlin to Prague that I was privileged to be on this summer along with 40+ other Apple Distinguished Educators. And we also celebrated the 15th anniversary of the George Lucas Education Foundation
. George (a fairly decent storyteller in his own right) couldn’t join us, but he did send his video regards. Apparently, he was groundMacysoho_2breaking the next morning at the UCLA(?) film school that he has so generously gifted. So we had to make do with some of the key players who organized the program
and our trip. Oh, yeah, and then there was a nice, intimate set by Macy Gray who sang a very appropriate version of "Imagine."

     Now, back to the iStory. The point of our European trip was to help both Apple and EF Tours illustrate the need and power of global awareness in the curriculum and to produce examples of what can be created and shared on these trips. Coincidentally, Discovery Education and the Discovery Channel see the same need and ability to share through current technology. Both the Discovery Educator Abroad program and the Discovery Atlas series are vivid examples of what lies beyond the walls of our classrooms and how transparent those walls can be. So, when you get a chance,Denberlin check out the resources at the Apple Learning Interchange, you don’t have to be a Mac user to pick up ideas and resources there. And think about sharing a trip or activity of your own. You don’t have to dust off your passport to share with the rest of the world. Post a movie, podcast, or blog of what your students saw and learned on a field trip or during a creative activity in your own building.

     What’s your iStory?


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