Too Hot for Florida

Sun2It’s still too hot for me to think of sweatshirts, but my DEN members are promising me that I will soon have a chance to wear my long sleeve ts, sweatshirts and jackets. They claim Florida does get cold. I hope so for all of your sakes because the DEN would like to announce the National DEN Fall Promotion – and it involves a hooded sweatshirt for the STAR DEN Members.

We have a great thing going, and you have a lot of benefits as a DEN STAR member. Donna Harris from Union County and I met with some of her fellow educators last night, and before I could say a word (hard to believe) she was telling them all about the benefits and why they should join. Perfect timing Donna! She’s going to get herself a sweatshirt.

It’s that simple. Recruit someone to the STAR DEN Level. If the person you recommend follows through (which means you will need to get in there and coach them!), then you will receive a nice hooded sweatshirt with the New  Discovery Educator Network Logo.

That means they need to:

  • Complete the DEN STAR application
  • Include a resource in their application that they would like to upload and share with the DEn
  • Hold two events (trainings, help sessions with unitedstreaming, or lesson sharings are just some ideas)
  • Complete the STAR webinar

If they do this, not only do they receive their STAR benefits, they also receive a laptop bag (minus the laptop). So everyone wins!

Oh wait! You want the bag too? Okay, then you turn in two events, upload a resource and comment to the blog and I’ll put you on the list for the bag too. North Florida, this is a non-challenging thing to do! The only thing we’re a little weak in is uploading resources. We’ve got events and commenting to blogs down pat!

My challenge to you is to recruit someone – especially someone from a different school- and help them through the STAR process. You can only win one sweatshirt, but feel free to recruit as many as you can! To help me keep track, either email me or leave a comment below, on who you are recommending. Then when they get their acceptance, have them email me and tell me YOU recommended them!

We’ll back track to October 1st and go forward until December 1st. So go forth and recruit!


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    I keep thinking of the Star Trek: The Next Generation line with the Borg. I see tons of Star DEN members going around saying to others, “You will be assimilated!!!”

    All kidding aside. This is an easy way for each of us as teachers and DEN members to deepen our core of STAR DEN members, which will in the end, benefit all!

  2. Susan Vinson said:

    I’d love the bag. Hum…Blogging, check. Events, check. Now what do I have lying around in need of uploading? Where are those new members in need of assimilation?

  3. Kathy Bunch said:

    Wow, this sounds exciting. Do you have a list of who has signed up for DEN that I recruited?

  4. Tommy McClellan said:

    You definitely need sweatshirts in the Panhandle area!

    Danielle, you will get quite a bit of wear this year out of a DEN sweatshirt. You will get to experience a true Florida winter this year….shorts and a tank top one day and a sweatshirt and jeans the next day!

  5. Tommy McClellan said:

    I need a new sweatshirt. I hope they are hoodies? But, a gift is a gift. I will appreciate it, no matter what!

  6. Nathan Guteras said:

    I am up for the challenge. I will need some more pratice on uploading resources from school. Thanks for nice ideas for recriuting other teachers.

  7. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am in! Already working on the recruiting and uploaded an event last night! Can’t wait to get my sweatshirt!

  8. Mary Z. Cox said:

    Is there anyway to find out if anyone else at my school signed up for DEN status? I have been working all fall getting our faculty of over half new teachers to sign on to United Streaming.(and everyone has signed on except one) :)I had to work with many of them one on one. I encouraged several to sign for DEN but have no idea if they signed up or not.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Mary Cox

  9. Michele Futch said:

    It was nice to meet the Leon County DEN Members tonight!!! Hope to see you again, soon.

  10. Ana McMoran said:

    I am on my way, keep training people and spreading the Good News! My teachers are getting better at it and are more interested. Can’t wait to get my sweat and bag..Je…..!!!!!!

  11. Wendy Norton said:

    Count me in, the more the merrier. I have a few teachers interested in becoming STAR memebers, that means more events at our school more unitedstreaming that’s a really good thing.

  12. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I hope Karen is doing the same thing for South Florida.

  13. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I have already been working with our Social Skills teacher. She has attended a webinar, posted to the blog and has a resource ready to be uploaded. She is also running the Make Change for Katrina project with me. Will she count as soon as we upload her resource?

  14. Debbie Bohanan said:

    My next recruit is our Reading Coach. We want to do several workshops on using unitedstreaming to create background knowledge for the students. She has already placed her first blog!

  15. Ted Eldridge said:

    The Fashion Show presentation was wonderful. I did look like a “Star”;-). Thanks for being so positive!

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