Adobe Premiere Elements

     I’m sitting in the back of the Continental Room at ISMF with a few other adults watching about 40 students share sixteen computers running Adobe’s Premiere Elements. To give you an idea of the tenor of these workshops, when our very capable presenter hit a little snag importing, a student quickly volunteered the remedy. Premiere and its more affordable but almost as powerful little brother, Premiere Elements, is an intuitive and easy to use video editing program. At $119 for the combined Adobe Elements education package of Premiere and PhotoShop, it’s a must have for any PC media center. Even if you are not a Premiere or PhotoShop user, you will find a lot of good examples of what can be done and how to do it at the Adobe Digital Kids Club site. With election season closing in on us, you might give the tutorial on election ads a good looking over. Highlights of this program include a number of video and audio tracks as well as the ability to do a green screen/chromakey effect which can put students anywhere in the world or universe by laying one video on top of another.


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