Putting the Student in…

     …International Student Media Festival. I’ve been attending educational seminars, conferences and coaching clinics for decades, over two centuries, into my second millennium now, actually. I have seen a few students and athletes at these learning gatherings, but never have I seen the adults in the minority! Almost 200 students with a few of their teachers and chaperones attended Marco Torres’ keynote last night here in Dallas, Texas. I have heard Marco and seen many of his videos before, but Ismf_3I have never been in a conference room full of students who cheered and identified with the videos and Marco’s message. It truly was invigorating! And the K-12 students weren’t shy about joining the line dance lessons during the ice cream social afterwards. I’m looking forward to attending a full day of workshops with these enthusiastic young producers and then celebrating their work with a viewing tonight and honoring the best with an awards ceremony tomorrow morning.


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