Fall Is Here… So Get Integrating!

Tree_3I thought I would first highlight this week’s Top Question for integration and then offer some great Fall integration ideas.  Feel free to submit any integration questions you/your colleagues may have–

What would be your suggestion to effectively show unitedstreaming videos to a classroom?  I think it is a common perception that videos = movies = projector.  I will start off by saying my school had two projectors and they were basically "cemented" in our library and computer lab.  When I became the technology specialist, I was determined to get classroom projectors– but then reality hit, funding was limited.  There are alternatives and I realized that video streaming does not require a projector for your students to enjoy the videos.

Scan Converters–these are becoming very popular in schools.  Not only are they much cheaper, but most classrooms are already equipped with TVs and you can easily hook up your TV and computer to display a video.

Small Groups (see my earlier blog)– an effective way to show a video to your students throughout the school day.

Independent workstations— this could be a computer lab or 1-2 computers in your classroom.  Basically students rotate to view the video and complete the related assignment or quiz.

Projector Checkout Schedule— Buy a cart to put the projector on (another affordable alternative), attach set-up directions, and allow teachers to share the projector throughout the school day.  For easy-to-use directions call 1-800-323-9084 or email to have your Implementation Contact send you a school kit and/or the How To Guide with directions for setting up projectors and scan converters. Click here for basic troubleshooting with LCD Projectors.

October and November are busy months– so many events, so little time!  Here are a few of our favorite videos…

October 23-31st: National Red Ribbon Week (Stay Drug Free)
Drugs and Alcohol Series for Children: Alcohol: It’s Not For Me (K-2)
Reality Matters: Smoking: Smoke Signals (6-8)
LegalEASE: Performance Drugs (9-12)Ballot_box__in_color___medium1_1

November Elections
Almost Painless Guide to the Election Process (3-5)
Campaign Essentials: Ballot Battles (9-12)
Campaign Essentials: Politics and the Media (9-12)

November 11th: Veterans’ Day
This Is Our Country (K-4)
Buffalo Soldiers (6-8)
Great Books: The Red Badge of Courage (9-12)

Lastly, I thought I would share two creative ways to use several features on the unitedstreaming site…

Virtual Field Trips: Schedule a regular "Lunch & Learn" club, where students can eat lunch while they watch a video about somewhere else in the world.

The Great Debate: Give student teams a topic and challenge them to defend their arguments by using video segments, articles, and research as evidence. 

Have a great week and please, feel free to post your Fall integration ideas! 

~Monika Davis, Discovery Education


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  1. Virginia Richard said:

    Thanks for sharing those ideas. I would like to share those videos and clips with our Mark Wilcox Center that helps students with drug and alcohol abuse/addictions. K-12 Schools can also use these series for regular education students because they are topics that all students should become aware of and educated about. Virginia Richard

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