A DEN Bag of Tricks

DelogoWith Halloween just around the corner, the Discovery Educator Network has a "bag of tricks" for you. Have you shared your unitedstreaming knowledge and expertise with your colleagues recently? Did you learn something interesting at a workshop and are looking for ways to show others what you learned? If so, this is a great time to take action.

Whether you are already a STAR Discovery Educator or a current Discovery Educator aspiring to reach the next level, we have a special opportunity for you! Beginning this month and continuing through December 1, 2006, Discovery Educators can receive rewards by contacting your state DEN manager with information about professional development workshops, presentations, blogs. podcasts, webinars and other types of activities you have facilitated or with which you have been involved.

Click on the link below to see a complete description of this current promotion along with information about the rewards available to you:
Download bogoftricks.doc

Discovery Educators frequently help colleagues with issues and strategies related to the use of unitedstreaming, but some are also very skillful in using other Discovery Education resources such as Cosmeo or the Discovery Health Connection. Your efforts in helping colleagues with any of these services can be applied to this promotion. In order for your activity to be counted, you must report the details to your state DEN Manager. Summaries should include the date, location, number of participants, and a brief description of the contents of each session. Be sure to get your reports in by December 1, 2006.   


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    How should we report our activities to you? Should we use the event ss or are you creating a quizbuilder the way South Florida did..or do you just want a list?

  2. Tina said:

    Good question, I would also like to know how you want the info.

  3. Dick Marchessault said:

    Hi Anne and Tina–thanks for the feedback. It’s easy to report activities to me–just send a quick e-mail message and include the basics as I mention in the blog post. There is no need for any special form or spreadsheet, and I have not opted to use the QuizBuilder for this activity. Just click on the e-mail link to send me a message. As always, thanks for the great things you are doing to help other teachers with unitedstreaming!

  4. Chris Boyles said:

    I’m up for this challenge! I’m hosting an informal new teachers meeting this Wednesday, and I will introduce them all to Unitedstreaming!

  5. Chris said:

    Will there be further “bag of tricks” challenges? How often does the DEN offer them?

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