Final Agenda: October 20 Day of Discovery at The Abbey in Fontana, WI

Countdown: 4-3-2-1 begins for the 10-20-06 Day of Discovery! DEN Fest at the Abbey!

Cimg2382 Cimg2383 Approximately 80 Wisconsin and Illinois DEN educators and guests will arrive at The Abbey Resort in Fontana, Wisconsin early this coming Cimg2391Friday!  They will be immersed in a fun and uplifting day of exploring digital storytelling and podcasting and finding out how to engage student learning and empower their instruction.    Bernajean_photo_1

National educational technology leader and digital storytelling expert Bernajean Porter keynotes at 9am so be sure to arrive on time!  You must be registered in advance for this Day of Discovery.   Sorry, folks– if you are just hearing about this event we are already at our maximum attendance.   

For those of you lucky enough to be confirmed, you can download the Download Final_Agenda_only_October20_no_maps.doc and the Download MapTheAbbey.doc by clicking on these links and selecting SAVE.  This will help you find your way to an exciting Day of Discovery!

If registrants have any changes in plans, please be sure to call Jan Wee at 608-354-3414 as it is important that all who have registered alert us if you have an emergency change of plans.


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  1. Keith said:

    What a day! If you want to see more comments abut the awesome day, see the Illionis DEN blog. Thanks again for a great day. We’re all looking forward to the next one. . .

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