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When Virginia Richard and her Polk County, FL team implemented Discovery Education unitedstreaming, teachers took to the site with gusto. 

As more and more teachers began exploring the site, Virginia wondered how she could get her school district’s 100+ principal’s just as excited.

It was not too long before the metaphorical light bulb went off above her head Virginia created folders within her District Content and filled them with quick-links to staff development videos.

She gave her folders titles like: Aspiring Leaders – New Administrator Series and The Principal as Instructional Leader Series. 

Virginia then attached a number of video segments to these folders; segments like: “Reaching Consensus” from the full video “Principal Series, The Survival Tips,” “Orient New Faculty” from the full video, “Principal Series, The Principal as Culture Shaper,” and “Focus Professional Development on School Goals” from the full video, “Principal Series, The: Principal as Instructional Leader.”

(Note you can access these videos by clicking on their links but you need to be logged into Discovery Education unitedstreaming first!)

Now you don’t have to be an Administrator to share your content.  And you’re not limited to just sharing videos.  In fact, you can share images, quizzes, assignments, writing prompts and more!

To share your content simply go to “My Content,” find the item that you would like to share, and select “Share” from the drop down menu. (Click on image to make it bigger)Sharing_content

A pop-up window will appear and you will be prompted to share your video with your school and/or district. (Click on image to make it bigger)Sharing_folder_pop_up

Note – Be sure to choose a “Parent Folder when saving your content in the School and/or District Content.  A parent folder is a folder that already exists like “School Content” or “Play lists.”

One more note about sharing content. The default setting for sharing content is “Controlled Sharing.”  Controlled Sharing means that someone within your school and/or district has to give your item a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” before it is shared. 

unitedstreaming users that have administrative access can turn this feature on or off. 

To toggle this feature off these users should log into unitedstreaming and click on the Sharing Administrator link, select their school and/or district, and then change the setting to “Open Sharing” (click on image to make it bigger).Sharing_administrator

Of course your Implementation Rep stands (more likely sits) ready to assist you with this feature.  To quote James Taylor “…all you have to do is call (800-323-9084) and we’ll beee there…you’ve got a friend…”

Talk to you soon,

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education unitedstreaming, Implementation


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  1. Virginia Richard said:


    Thanks for posting this information, I have also started a play list for Physical Education Teachers who probably do not know that there is so much content, videos, images, and clips they can use on rainy days! There is so much one can do with United Streaming as a teacher that it will be a continuous learning process. Keep up the good work as such a great implementation manager. Virginia Richard

  2. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    This is awesome. I was searching for ways to get my principals excited about unitedstreaming and you have given me the answer. This is great. Keep sharing. I would like to find out more information from you. Keep the good thoughts coming.

  3. Virginia Richard said:

    Thanks Laquita! There is also professional development for teachers that I plan to create for math and technology integration, language arts and technology integration, and science and technology integration. In addition, when you are having special themes within schools, you can create a playlist so they do not have to look for everything available to them. The schools love it! What are some ways you are using United Streaming in your district??

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