Discovery Educator Network Podcast Show #2

Discovery Education would like to thank everyone who made the first Discovery Education Network Podcast a big success.  We received a lot of VERY positive feedback from the first show on Character Education and know that as word spreads even more people will be downloading this new resource.  We also had a number of correct answers to the Podcast Question and the winner is going to be announced via this week’s Podcast as well as their VERY special prize.  This week we are focusing on many new events going on within Discovery Education and the Discovery Educator Network as well as a wonderful interview with Lisa O’Brien a Lead Professional Development Representative that is going to talk about how to effectively utilize the resources available in the Professional Development section of the unitedstreaming site.  You can listen to the Podcast either by subscribing to it via iTunes (the fatest method) or by downloading from the DEN National Blog Site (right click and choose save target as…). 


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  1. debora marines said:

    I’m so excited to be part of this group. I can’t wait to figure out all of this material. I hope I can make my first podcast successful.

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