Discovery Kids – A Year on Earth

"A Year On Earth" A_year_on_earth_300dpi_6

Sunday, Dec. 3

5pm ET

Discovery Kids Channel

Three teenagers…five continents…one mission: to take the pulse of the planet and report back to their generation.  Are they up to the task?

A Year on Earth chronicles the adventures of three American teens: Jamie Fiel, 18, Arsen Ewing, 17, and Tyler Robinson, 16, who have little in common except for a shared concern that time is running out for endangered species and ecosystems in decline. Nominated by their respective science teachers, the teens join Earthwatch research projects around the globe to discover how ordinary people can get involved. They study the most pressing environmental issues of our time, working alongside leading researchers who explore the ecological effects of global warming, the decline of coral reefs, the impact of deforestation, and more.

The three teens in the show chronicle their experiences through video and blogs as they visit:

Costa Rica
Sri Lanka

If you are interested in involving your class in this environmental adventure, we’re looking for 8 classrooms to help us create a global map of the Year on Earth project.  Using unitedstreaming resources, Google Earth, and other research tools in your classroom, each classroom selected for this project will create a full “Country Study” of one of the countries featured on the show.   Each country study may include:

Google Earth Pin
Research information that includes the following facts:
·        Demographics

·        Primary Industry

·        Cultural review including links, major events,

·        Historical timeline of at least 5 major events in the countries history

Any other creative ideas that your class deems important

If you are interested in having your class participate, please send an email with the subject line of “Year on Earth” to


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One Comment;

  1. Kim Randall said:

    My students are rearing to go on this project! They’re VERY excited. I announced it yesterday and I couldn’t believe how many questions they had, the most important one being “Which country are we studying?” (I wouldn’t tell them til next week when we officially get going). They loved the trailer for A Year on Earth and this sparked a lot of interest/questions on “How can we get to do that for a year?” We brainstormed all the possible ways we can share what we’ll be learning and they’re all eager to podcast, blog, create movies, Flash animations, Google Earth, Inspiration etc… (they’re almost to the point where they’re “power pointed out”…is that really becoming an old school technology already? Amazing…) The best part about this is that this will truly be their project, and I’ll be able to provide them with as many resources as possible (i.e. unitedstreaming clips/images/websites) and help them with the tech glitches they run into, but they’ll be the ones to run with it! Student centered and project based learning and teacher as a guide/facilitator, I love it!

    My first challenge to them was to see if we can do this entire project without any paper or printing by using email, flash disks, cds, uploading to the wiki, uploading to the server, etc. At first they weren’t sure it was possible, but once we talked about all the ways we can avoid paper, they reconsidered.

    I have 57 7th graders working on this and we’ll split into teams and divide,conquer and collaborate on the missions that Betsy gives them each week. The biggest challenge- I only see them twice a week, so they’ll have to work fast! But I know these guys can do it! 🙂

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