Cosmeo thoughts?

I was just reading this review, where Robin Raskin refers to Cosmeo as "the You Tube of Homework Help".  I hadn’t thought of it that way before and think it’s a really interesting way of looking at the product.

It made me realize that our members probably have their own views of Cosmeo — for those of you who have had a chance to use it, what do you think?  As a teacher, what ways could your students use Cosmeo to extend their learning beyond the classroom?


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  1. Tom Turner said:


    I was just in a parent conference yesterday and I had to have a huge DEN SMILE on my face when the parent said that she was so enthralled with COSMEO and was enrolling after her 30 Day Trial was up this week. I of course prompted a quick question on why she thought that.

    Of course I smiled more when she said, “Well one, it’s Discovery and I trust what they put out. And two, I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how it corrolated with what you were teaching in class.”

    I know that’s from a parent. I’ve signed up for my daughter and she LOVES using it as well. And for a 7 year old, she’s able to EASILY navigate to where she wants to go.

  2. Betsy Whalen said:

    Thanks for your comment Dale. No – we absolutely did not pay Robin for her review on Yahoo!

    However, I think you raise an excellent point about the importance of not taking things at face value. I agree completely, which is why when I read it, I was interested in hearing directly from our DEN users what you all think of Cosmeo. I’d love to hear your own thoughts about it if you have used it. unitedstreaming has been developed primarily through input and feedback from our users, and Cosmeo will be no different:)

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Dave Solon said:

    COSMEO looks very cool and certainly worthwhile – I just don’t feel quite right about being a ‘salesman’ for it. I do feel ok ‘selling’ United Streaming as a teaching tool – since our local IU subscribes to it, the costs are already taken care of. I just have a hard time working for our taxpayers and putting time in ‘selling’ something like this to parents. I’m now going to put a link to it from my Tech Integration resources page, but not sure I feel right in doing a lot more.

    Don’t get me wrong- it’s a GREAT program. I just have that mindset as something I cannot get past – (yet.) Am I the only one?

  4. Kristin Furdak said:

    Dave-I understand your concern. As a classroom teacher, my students sold candy bars and pizzas (Little Caesar’s) to raise money for a day trip to Washington DC. Fundraising is always difficult. I like to think of Cosmeo (and the Learning Adds Up program) as a Book Fair. However, instead of selling one book (or candy bar), you are actually selling access to the whole collection and it’s healthy for kids.

  5. Debbie Bohanan said:

    We have run into a problem trying to use our media center copies because our school is a Mac school running OS 9. It seems the world is against the mac since they are no longer making a new version of Flash for OS9. If we can’t upgrade Flash, we can’t use COSMEO. Unfortunately all our software at school runs on OS9 and will not run on OS10. Any solutions to our problem?

  6. Dave Solon said:

    OS 9 has been phazing out for 5 years now. I think the only solution is to update to OS X or, god forbid, use Windoze!

  7. Tracie Belt said:

    I am interested in presenting cosmeo at my private school as a tool for tutors to use for remediation. I also thought it could be used as a way to enrich students who are working above grade level in a certain subject. However, I have the same worry that one or two other teachers voiced. I don’t want the head of our school to think that it is being pushed because I am a Den member. Any ideas on how to approach my head of school?

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