Exciting your Educators!

When you found out that your school had access to unitedstreaming, you proclaimed the news from the rooftops!  After the campus police encouraged you to come down, you held the initial training, registered your teachers, and familiarized them with the site.  You dutifully passed out your school kit material and hung up your posters.  Teachers were excited about it….and then little or nothing happened.

Is this you (except for the rooftop thing – that was for dramatic effect)?  Are you struggling to re-engage your staff?

How about incorporating a Teacher Challenge into your weekly faculty meeting? 

Sounds’ cool, “What’s a “Teacher Challenge,” you ask?

A Teacher Challenge can be any number of things that encourages teachers to incorporate digital media into their classroom. 

One way you can challenge your teachers is to provide a 10-15 minute demonstration of a new initiative in your school.  You can even work with your dedicated Implementation Representative to present the initiative, create a unique e-mail, newsletter, or just brainstorm.

For example, you and/or your Rep could demonstrate hyper-linking unitedstreaming videos into Inspiration or embedding videos into Power Point.  Then “Challenge” your staff to incorporate this new technique into a lesson during the week. 

At your next faculty meeting, encourage teachers to share how they used digital media the week prior.  This is an innovative way to utilize your staff’s creative energy to inspire the use of digital media.   It’s also a great way to continue to engage your staff.  For more ideas, call your Implementation Representative today.  Or, even better, share some of your "challenges" with us by responding to this blog!

Talk to you soon,

Sabrina-Yvette d’Almeida

Discovery Education unitedstreaming, Implementation


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