Attendees Speak Up!

Cimg2424Check out the Illinois DEN Blog to hear what the October 20 IL and WI DEN Day of Discovery event attendees have to say about the event which included Bernajean Porter’s Digital Storytelling keynote and breakouts, Brad Fountain’s luncheon keynote on unitedstreaming and Digital Storytelling, and Steve Dembo’s Educational Blogging breakout sessions! 

What an amazing, inspiring day.   Tap more pictures, ideas, and DENergy (new term for the renewed energy we feel from Days of Discovery) soon!Cimg2428

Brad Fountain, Midwest Team Manager, and Steve Dembo

       Bernajean and Rita Mortenson (STAR DEN Member Cimg2502from Verona Area Schools) demonstrate the coaching process helpful in developing well-planned digital stories as attendees absorb and enjoy seeing this strategy modeled.Cimg2497

Cimg2453_1 Wisconsin native and Vice-President of Discovery Education, Coni Rechner, joined us, along with James White.  James is a member of our amazing Discovery Educator Network DEN web team who is responsible for our award winning DEN web site!  Kudos to James!


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  1. Gail LeGrand said:

    What a great day. I spent both breakout sessions with Bernajean. The most significant thing I brought back with me is the importance of discovering the lesson learned in my story to be certain I am on the right track. This lesson was made so obvious in our team coaching session with Rita. Although I missed the session this time with Steve Dembo, I learned a lot from him last month in Milwaukee and I am in the process of working with our foreign language department making video podcasts of two classes of students, one set of ESL students and one set of students learning Spanish. Thanks for an absolutely superb day of learning two months in a row!

  2. Dick Diener said:

    It was nice to meet some new peers/friends at the event.

    I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear Bernajean once again. She provides worthwhile observables for digital media projects. Very timely!

    Steve’s presentations on podcasting taught me that a basic podcast can be easily produced. But, there’s a lot of background information before one can grasp an clear understanding of podcasting. This includes details such as: audio file formats, concepts of editing audio, RSS feeds, digital audio recording devices, using iTunes for podcasting, as well as podcasting from a consumer perspective and podcasting as a producer. Lots to learn, but very engaging for students!

    Here’s a plug for those interested in podcasting…
    this summer will be the first annual “Milwaukee Digital Media Conference”. It will take place at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Participants will collaborate and work with museum curators and docents to develop a script and produce a podcast for the museum. Participants may take the course for 2 graduate credits. It’s going to be a blast! For more info, visit:

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