A Good Start to a Monday

Kay_book_1As promised, I have a winner for the Digital Storytelling book by North Florida DEN’s own Kay Teehan. Okay, I have two winners. I couldn’t help myself. If you would like to purchase your own copy, you can do so through LuLu Publishing by clicking on the link. Marsha Cruce from Putnam County and Shannon Flynn from Okaloosa County, the winners of our posting comments, you have won a copy! Kay and I are working out autographing right now.

Need some ideas for your next Digital Story? Look at the news, especially wierd news. Last week there was an article that Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is getting closer to scientific reality. What would you do with an invisibility cloak if you had one? What are some of the benefits of those who had the Dyscloak? What are the ramifications of such a coat? Maybe a time traveling story where the person who donned the coat could step back through time to be an eyewitness at historical events.

You can also check out other scientific advancements made by the Discovery Young Scientists. A few of this year’s winners are from Florida!



  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Thanks for the additional information about Digital Story Telling and all its wonderful teaching features.

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Congratulations Marsha and Shannon! I guess I will have to purchase the book – Thats Ok I certainly don’t mind supporting a fellow DEN member and receiving a valuable resource at the same time – seems like a win win situation to me.

  3. Kathy Bunch said:

    Congratulations Shannon and Marsha! A book signing sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Danielle Abernethy said:

    If Kay is one who wins the trip to St. Augustine, then we’ll sign there. Otherwise, we’ll do it at FETC. I’m sure she’ll be there!

  5. Ana McMoran said:

    COngratulations! I am sure I’ll buy the book and get it signed at FETC. Digital storytelling is one of my favorite areas in technology integration. Love to hear more ideas and new strategies.

  6. Shannon Flynn said:

    WOW! I can’t believe I actually won. Congratulations to you too, Marsha.

    I’m so excited that I will have this great resource to learn from and share with my teachers. Thanks, Danielle, and thanks to all the rest of you who congratulated me.

  7. Wendy Norton said:

    If you want more on digital storytelling look at the national blog, Joe Brennan has joined Discovery and is going to do a blog on it soon!!!

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I like the idea of a book signing at FETC. Maybe during the DEN dinner.

  9. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I think an invisibility cloak would be an amazing possession. If you could step back in time and witness historical events, that would be amazing. The only thing is you would need some kind of protective barrier to make sure that you wouldn’t become injured in a dangerous situation.

  10. Michele Futch said:

    Can’t wait to see Kay in person to Congratulate her!

  11. Michele Futch said:

    I am looking forward to getting a copy of Kay’s book! It sounds like it has a lot of great information in it.

  12. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I have ordered my book now I can’t wait to recieve it!

  13. Laura Neidringhaus said:

    I purchased Kay’s book and it is fantastic. I am new to digital storytelling and after reading the book, I feel much more confident.

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