Pictures say 1000 words! October 20 Day of Discovery Picture Journal

Pre-Event Friday FunCimg2415
Yerkes Observatory Tour Friday Evening, October 19, 2006

Curious Rita checks out Yerke’s library—————————>
Did you know that Yerkes Observatory, built in 1897, houses the world’s largest refractor telescope which is still used by astronomers and astrophysicists and is often called "the birthplace of modern astrophysics?"Yerkes main mission presently is education outreach and remains an astronomical observatory for the University of Chicago astronomy department.  Some of the DEN team and guests were able to tour Yerkes Observatory on Friday evening before our October 20 Day of Discovery at The Abbey in Fontana, Wisconsin.






DEN Cimg2425_2Fest at The Abbey in Cimg2431Fontana, Wisconsin

Cimg2451 Cimg2442 Cimg2469


Cimg2432_1Cimg2464 Cimg2448

Brainstorming and sharing story ideas.  Seeing examples of photo essays and photo slide shows, digital stories, and digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is much more than simply combining pre-selected images and adding music!  See Bernajean’s web site, Digitales, to learn more about the ART of Digital Storytelling.

Attendees (and guests, too):  Please share any follow-up ideas you have generated since October 20.  How will you bring digital storytelling into your classroom?  What project ideas have been generated?  Any thoughts about delving into digital storytelling and the approach you will take?   PLEASE POST via the Comment window!   Bernajean will be checking our Blog and contributing ideas and answering questions as time permits.


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  1. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    Once again I leave a DEN event ENERGIZED and full of ideas of how technology can add excitement to my classroom. I have already obtained microphones and my 4 classes of sixth graders are busy recording their experiences and sharing them on our first pod cast. Our principal even became part of the action! THANKS DEN!

  2. Keith Schroeder said:

    Wow! What an event. Every time I attend a DEN event I think, how can they ever top that. . . and then I attend the next one and think. . . how can they ever top that one! I’ve carried that excitement back and am sharing it with my staff. What a great event . . . again! Thanks.

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