Author! Author!

     When Brad Fountain (ETV Digital Storytelling Training) shared his Kay Teehan based PowerPoint on digital storytelling with me a few weeks ago, I thought there was enough information there for a book. I am happy to report that Kay, a STAR Discovery Educator from Florida,  heeded my unspoken and unoffered advice. She has indeed written a book that you can buy for $12.94 from or download for $6.25 from the same site. I’m reading the download version right now and there’s a lot to like and learn here. For starters I love her subtitle, In and Out of the Classroom. It may not be on an NCLB test, but it is a skill that can definitely transcend the classroom and formal education. She does, however, make a strong case for how digital storytelling can help meet state and national standards, develop higher order thinking, and sharpen research and literacy skills (see chapter 2). She has some great examples of rubrics near the end of the book and a nice comparison between digital storytelling and scrapbooking. I especially like that because there are so many ways to share that aren’t strictly digital storytelling, but use the same tools and mindset. At just about 100 pages and a very reasonable price in either format, this is an easy addition to any digital storytelling center’s resources.


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