Implementation Blog Provides Key Information!

Have you visited the Implementation Blog yet?  Implementation_2

If not, make this a top priority!  Our Implementation Team is amazing and provides critical support for our unitedstreaming schools.   

Be sure to visit their blog on a regular basis and not just for technical support help.  Check out the great 2nd grade lesson "She’s Back and With an Idea!" shared by Monika Davis. 

Our Implementation Team is also actively helping out on our DEN web site by answering some of the questions you have posted to the Ask An Expert area.

One of the very helpful files recently shared relates to addressing issues within PowerPoint when you see a blank screen instead of your embedded video clip.  Download DEUS_UG_1_EmbeddVideo.pdf


And, here is our own FANTASTIC Implemenation Team Member for Wisconsin, Download blair_mcmillen.ppt. Blair’s contact info is included in this downloadable PPT file. 


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  1. Paul Gibler said:

    Interesting to see this post. I’ll be adding a reference to it on my blog – PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques ( What I don’t see in the reference is how to make sure that your files are properly saved for viewing or presenting from another computer. This seems to be the place where individuals really have a problem with PPT presentations.

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  3. Jan Wee said:

    You are so right that we need a reminder about keeping ALL digital media clips (video, sound, and images) and the PPT file itself in the SAME folder when you are creating digital media infused projects. MOVE the ENTIRE folder to your jump drive or to CD if you plan to move your project to another computer. I realize that you can use the Pack and Go command in the FILE menu but I find the resultant *exe file to still be very, very large. Just copying the folder to a jump drive or CD is much easier.

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