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DEN Podcast Show #3 – Bernajean Porter on  Digital Storytelling (updated)

Important Update: As a side note, if you have been subscribing via iTunes, you need to re-subscribe as we have changed our link location to make the previous shows visible through iTunes.  Without re-subscribing you will not automatically download the latest podcast.

We received wonderful feedback from our second podcast! Yea!!!

Brad received over twice as many answers this week and the winner will be revealed toward the end of this week’s podcast. 

BjpartofdsThis week we have a very informative interview with Bernajean PorterBjp__jan the author of Digitales: The Art of Digital Storytelling and the creator of the website Digitales

To access the latest podcast see this National DEN page and the posting titled: DEN Podcast Show #3 – Interview with Bernajean Porter

You can download the podcast via iTunes by searching for Discovery Educator Network but you must RESUBSCRIBE to the DEN podcasts as our link has recently been changed.

Midwest Team Manager, Brad Fountain, also wants to thank everyone who submitted an answer to the question from Show #2.


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