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Another Great Post about Free Tech Tools for Teachers from Guest Blogger Dave Kootman…

Microsoft continues its domination of the office and the school with its flagship productivity suite, Microsoft Office.  We’ve all used it; odds are it’s installed on your computer right now.  It certainly gets the job done, but for $150-500, it can be out of the budget for many students and educators (if you opt for it anyway, be sure to check out the Student and Teacher Edition).

            Enter Open  After twenty years of refinements, Open now offers all the features you love about Microsoft Office… and it’s free!  Open Office comes with elements similar to PowerPoint, Excel, Word and even a powerful graphics program called Draw.  The best part is that files can be saved with the same file extension as MS Word.   You can open or save files as a Word doc from Open Office.  However, be warned that with some complex formatting, some small changes can occur.  In addition, Open Office has the ability to save documents as pdf (sparing you the additional purchase of Adobe Acrobat)

            Many school districts are already saving thousands of dollars each year by using this program.  It’s also a great program to recommend to your students if it is not viable for them to pay for software.  When a new version is released, you can simply download the update and be on your way, instead of buying a whole new program. 


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