The Grande Finale of the Good News Grapevine

Fireworks_2 Isn’t the best part of 4th of July or the laser light show at EPCOT the grande finale?  I think it is so amazing how they can shoot off so many fireworks all at the same time and yet it flows.  Well, I’m trying to cover my carelessness in not planning better!  I actually thought I paced the unitedstreaming ideas and experiences so that I didn’t overload all of you, but now I find myself on the last evening of the GOOD NEWS GRAPEVINE with 7 more entries.  Call it poor planning or an overwhelming wealth of infomation submitted by our talented DEN members in Florida, I submit to you these great ideas for using unitedstreaming in the classroom.

Cheryl Woolwine must be the greatest gift to her teachers in Putnam County. Look whatGrapevine2_4  she does with unitedstreaming. "I offer a Milk and Cookies experience each week; after school we meet in the computer Lab and I share/train for one hour on unitedstreaming, sometimes it is a planned lesson other times it is a Q&A period usually I have 5-10 people attend – Yes we do have cookies but I don’t have milk we have bottled water. It is a very informal training people can come and go as the need and are not obligated to come each week. It has worked for us!" 

Grapevine4_2 Ana McMoran does an amazing study on disasters.  In her own words, she said…."Students research natural disasters. Summarize, using index cards. I create a file with united streaming videos about natural disasters. Students select the most appropriate for their PowerPoint. and insert all or part of it in one or more slides. When finished , using the selected clip, they import it to MovieMaker. they then, clip, make smaller pieces of the unitedstreaming video and select the images they prefer to communicate Preparedness Awareness. They add titles, voices using Audacity and sounds from unitedstreaming or shared sound files. They end up with great commercials to prepare for disasters. It was great!"

Fotini Guzman, from Pleasant Hill Elementary School, reports….."Our school has 90 Grapevine5_3 minutes reading block. During that time our students are also working on literacy centers. Each class has 3-4 computers and that’s one of the centers. Last year I thought to use the DIV and unitedstreaming to create units related to their social studies, language arts, and even math units.  I took the monthly curriculum goals and I matched activities that will give them extra practice. For example, if the students were working on fractions I will have movies about fractions. I also had quizzes about the movie and of course Quia fun activities. Many teachers used this in their daily computer/literacy centers. It has helped our ESOL/ESE students as well because they can get a good idea on a subject the class is working and they can work at their own pace. This year I am continuing working on DIV and unitedstreaming units. I am also encouraging our teachers to initiate their own assignments and taste the sweet success."

Grapevine6_2 Angel Spurling explains…."I teach remedial reading at Blountstown Middle School. I am proud to say that I use unitedstreaming and Cosmeo daily! Many of my students have some type of learning disability from autism to dyslexia . I use unitedstreaming as a reenforcer and an incentive! When we have finished for the class they are allowed to watch anything they want! They especially love the Junkyard Wars as well as the Magic School Bus! When I want to relate a certain topic of interest to my class I use unitedstreaming as a reenforcer! For example in the remedial math class we are planning a household budget. One of my students asked why they needed to learn this so I immediatly went to unitedstreaming and pulled up a video of Discovering Math: Concepts in Business Mathematics: Economics and Finance . It gave them an idea of what budget plannng in the business world is like ! They are excited to do something that is not bookwork!"

Jill Gay submitted a few ideas but this one stood out.  "I have a student in my class Grapevine7_2 who speaks very little English.  I also have several LEP students.  I have been using the unitedstreaming clips in the area of matter to give them visual cues in vocabulary and science concepts.  I wasn’t sure they would get it because science is one of the hardest things to teach a student with limited English proficiency.  I was amazed to see that all of my students eventually grasped the concept of matter an its properties.  unitedstreaming is AWESOME!"

Grapvine3_3 Debra Gastelum is a media specialist from Jenkins Middle School in Palatka.  "Every year I share the 15 Sunshine State Young Reader Award titles will all of my middle school students, a total of about 715 kids.  This takes 8 days in all and puts me repeating myself six times a day.  I’ve enjoyed it, but boy, do I hate talking about those 15 books for eight days straight!  By the time I’m through with my marathon book talks, I’m exhausted!

This year, after attending a digital storytelling workshop, I came up with a great idea!  I decided that instead of talking about each book, I would create a movie that features all 15 books.  I used video, still shots, graphics, and even words to feature each book.  Add upbeat music and it’s a hit!   It’s a visual assault that leaves them anxious to grab those books!  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Well, a ten-minute video is worth eight days of book talks.  And I now have something that can be shown over our school’s TV system and on the library TV for a great reminder about the Sunshine Thegrapevinemarble_3 State titles."

And last but not least, Brenda Joyce from Palm Beach County loves not only unitedstreaming, but the DEN site.  "The resources are amazing. I downloaded the picture of Einstein from the blog over the summer and edited it with my preferences. I Thegrapevinepurple_2 used it the first day to welcome my students, needless to say they were intrigued and I ended up using their questions to introduce a new vocabulary word – inquiry. I love the variety of powerpoints and resources available to DEN members on the site and check them regularly to augment my lessons (and make my life easier)."

Thank you Florida DEN members.  You are amazing teachers.  I will announce the winners of the contests by next Friday, Nov. 10th. I’ll be in Pennsylvania, but as we all know, that doesn’t make any difference because…….

Ubiquitous1_27 As always, I am
Ubiquitously yours,


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