Announcing the 2006 Discovery Educator Network National Poster Contest

Dencstpstr2_s2_1It is time to let your students’ creative abilities shine
through participation in the 2006 Discovery Educator Network National Poster

Challenge your students to express their love for learning by
creating a digital image that shows how they "Connect to a World of Learning." 

• What do you enjoy learning?
• How do you learn?
• Where is
the best place to learn?
• How does technology change what and how you
• What inspires you to learn more about the world?

Students are permitted to use digital cameras to take photographs or create
their image using means other than a digital camera (e.g., drawing the image
with pencil and paper and scanning the image into digital format, developing the
image on a computer using a painting or drawing program, etc.).  Judging will be
based on creative expression, technical merit/image quality, and
interpretation/relevance to the theme.   

Two winning images from each
grade level range (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) will be selected and awarded
prizes.  Winning entries will be used in a poster design that will be
distributed to thousands of classrooms across the world.

Denbluestar_wide_12 Any student of a STAR Discovery Educator can

Official Rules
Download den_npc_rules_06.pdf

Flyer and FAQs
Download den_npc_flyerfaq_06.pdf

Student Application
Download den_npc_student_application_06.doc

Release Form
Download den_npc_release_06.pdf