LCD Winner to be announced by 6PM

Who won the InFocus LCD which is being raffled off today to one of our most ACTIVE STAR DEN members?  Infocus1_1 Denbluestar_2

Congratulations to Toni Heinowski, Elmwood Elementary School, New Berlin School District!   

The raffle was held at 4:45pm today, November 1.

The following were entered into the raffle for being in the top event reporting WI DEN Members during the 6/1/06 through 10/31/06 time range: 

Bill Lemberg, Rachel Yurk, Toni Heinowski, Patti Hawkenson, Wendy Liska, Heidi Catlin, Keith Schroeder, Lee Hansen, Missy Smits, and Rita Mortenson.    

Each of these STAR DEN Members did many trainings, sharing sessions, etc. over the summer and fall and most importantly REPORTED them to me using the Event Reporting Template. (see DEN Downloads via the WIDEN Blog to find this spreadsheet)  The number of raffle tickets they received were based on the number of events, attendees, and length of the sessions completed.

I apologize for being slightly late in holding the raffle… my 85 year old mom had heart problems yesterday and "family first" has always been my motto. (I hope it is yours as well!)  She is resting well now and time today is focused on determining the winner! Mom

She was even feeling well enough (after three hours on IV and meds) to share her story with the nurses of being one of the first 50 WWII Women’s Welders working on the Liberty Ships in Baltimore!

Aren’t moms special!


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  1. Keith said:

    Congratulations Toni – your mom and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Jan, glad to hear your mom’s doing better. A former welder, eh? Sounds like there’s a great digital story there!

  3. Beth Clarke said:

    Jan-I love your FAMILY FIRST motto and I am so glad to hear that your mom is feeling better. Moms are precious! Thank you for giving the DEN members an opportunity to win the projector and congrats to Toni!

  4. Heidi Catlin said:

    Hi! Thanks for the chance to win! I just received 5 of the InFocus projectors that we were able to purchase with special pricing through the DEN. Three of the projectors will be going with three new SmartBoards! Yeah!

    Congratulations Toni!

  5. Beth Killian said:

    Congratulations to Toni! I just haven’t been able to get people involved here in Arcadia. Everyone is SOOOO busy.

    Jan, Say HI to your MOM for me. Tell her I’m the one from the Xray waiting room last summer when she thought she broke her ankle. My prayers are with her & the rest of your family.


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