Upgraded your browser recently?

Of course, they couldn’t have them done in time for IT Directors who are imaging school computers over the summer, but the two most widely used browsers on the market have been been upgraded to new versions recently. 

In one corner, the "Goliath" of browsers, Internet Explorer 7 has finally integrated in features that some of us have been used to using for years.  By far, the two biggest upgrades are the ability to do tabbed browsing and the integration of RSS feeds into the interface.  Interestingly, but default the browser does away with the familiar File, Edit, View , Help menus that people are generally used to.  Of course, it’s easy to get back, but I thought that was surprising change.  They’ve also taken a tip from Firefox and Opera by putting a search box in the upper right hand corner of the window.  You can set what search engine you’d like it to use quickly and easily.  I do love the fact that you can set multiple ‘Home’ pages for yourself, so when you open the browser you can have it open unitedstreaming, discoveryeducatornetwork.com and the National Blog 🙂   IF you’re used to Firefox, all the usual shortcut keys seem to work and they’ve incorporated some of the more popular plugins. 

Of course, for those of you in the counter-culture movement, the "David" of browsers,  Firefox, has done some upgrades of their own.  I can’t speak from first hand experience because I’m downloading it as I write this blog post, but here’s some of the upgrades listed on the website:  Improved visuals, anti-phishing technology (Explorer has this as well though), integration of session saver type plugins (restore all your tabs even if your browser crashes), and my personal favorite: SPELL CHECK.  Seems like a no brainer, but now you have a spell check built in for any forms that you type in on the internet.  Whoohoo!  If the list sounds kinda lame, I think it’s mostly because Firefox was already that good to begin with.  IE is finally starting to catch up.

Looksl ike a win-win situation, so upgrade your browsers!  Oh yeah, don’t forget that IE7 is the officially endorsed browser for unitedstreaming and Cosmeo, but if you’re into the Firefox thing, it should work just fine as well. 

Happy Browsing!


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  1. rmartin352 said:

    Not only is Firefox better, it also includes upgrades for Macs!! IE is no longer supporting Apple, so the latest version is 5.2 and that is even sluggish or doesn’t work. Safari so far is OK, Firefox is much better.

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