In Her Own Words

     It was just about two weeks ago that I struggled to condense a full day with Bernajean Porter down to a couple of blog size paragraphs. Our own Brad Fountain has gone me one better and posted a podcast of an interview he did with Bernajean after our day together. This is the next best thing to seeing her in person and in about an hour you’ll get a much better feel for BJP’s take on digital storytelling than I could ever put into words. However, I will attempt to give you a bit of what you will hear when you click the link at the end of this post or download it from Brad’s site.
     Bernajean touches on many of the topics that are close to her storytelling heart. Among those you will hear are a nice description of the differences between digital storytelling and digital stories, the virtues of brevity (“get to the point!”), building creative tension, sharing the lesson learned, photo essays and portfolio pieces (not usually true digital storytelling), and moving from data to understanding. And, as always, write, write, write! Right? DEN Podcast Show #3
Download 03_show_3_digital_storytelling_w_.mp3


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