Surviving Science Fair Season

FolderI had a great time today at the NSTA Fall Conference in Baltimore, MD.  We had a great session, with some lively discussion, about ways to make Science Fair season less stressful.  We also had some good websites, ideas, tips and tricks thrown out there.  In order to keep the ideas flowing and to alleviate your regret over not taking really detailed notes during our session, we can use the blog.  Share your knowledge with your new friends from all over the East Coast, as well as with the rest of the Discovery Educator Network, by posting a comment here.

Elmers_logo_1Thanks again to Elmer’s for sponsoring the session as well as the Survival Guide for Teachers.  We have one more session this year on December 5 at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  Tell your colleagues to email for more details.


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  1. Christina Meyer said:

    Today’s Science Fair workshop was a big help. I began teaching a year and a half ago, and have only completed one Science Fair. I am lookig forward to using the resources your provided in the session and sharing them with other teachers. The workshop was engaging as well as informative that encorporated a fun learning atmosphere when possible. Thanks again for the tips and tricks!

  2. Joe said:

    Wow…what should I focus on first to do in my class? I should just go in order…your session was the first one…it was one of the best. Too bad I didn’t win any prizes though. The information was very informative. I thought about doing a science fair last year, but was unsure…maybe with the help that I received today, it will be an easier task for myself and the other teachers in the building. If anyone wants to begin networking ideas…let me know.

  3. Deb Haase said:

    Ditto on the awesomeness of the workshop! Another suggestion for community help: many government agencies have a “community service” requirement for their employees–and the science ones love it when their employees do something science fair related!

  4. Nicole said:

    I was so glad to have made it to your workshop. I snuck in a bit late, but better late than never. The resources you provided look wonderful, and I am looking forward to putting them to good use in a few weeks when we get working on this year’s science fair. A web site that I have found useful in the past is: It has a lot of good ideas and tips. Thanks again for a great presentation! I really enjoyed it.

  5. nancy dunn said:

    Hi Lance,
    Thanks for the great workshop on Science Fairs at the NSTA conference on Thursday. Here is a resource site that has some great info for Science Fairs.

    Thanks again for some great ideas!


  6. Gretchen Vikingson said:

    This was one of the most helpful workshops I attended during the Baltimore NSTA conference. Thank you for some great ideas and especially Photo Story 3. We are going to use it with our ELL students during science instruction as well as science fair. Thank you!

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