Vyew part Deux

I’ve talked about Vyew before and how I think that it’s one of the better ‘Office 2.0’ applications out there.  Well, now it’s gotten even better. 

Vyew 2.0 has just entered into public beta. For those that don’t remember, Vyew is a free webinar solution, similar to Webex which is what we use here in the office.  It supports document sharing, whiteboarding, teleconferencing, desktop sharing, and more.  Pretty darn robust for a free application!  The new version allows you to store multiple Vyewbooks (sort of like an overall presentation including slides, whiteboards and more), layer objects on top of each other like you can do in Powerpoint, and desktop sharing for OSX oriented people.  Plus it looks cooler 🙂

If you have any need to do virtual meetings or distance learning, give Vyew a shot and see how you like it. You can’t go wrong with free and it seems to stack up pretty well to some of the big boys.


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