Event Alert!

Hey everyone! Events that you turn in to me are extremely important. They help us reach our goals! I like having the events reported to me via email. You can either email me and tell me what you did, how many teachers were there or you can use this attached spreadsheet. Download copy_of_events_nfl.xls

Due to the Good News Grapevine Contest, we have had some cross contamination of information. I have not used the Quiz Builder to have you report events. I’ll be glad to do it if you want – but at this point, you need to email me your events. If you are using the Quiz Builder to report them then your reports are going to Karen or Ronique or one of the other smart DEN Managers.

Get your reports in! I’m pulling names soon!


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  1. Laura Neidringhaus said:

    I really like reporting them to you! This is a way I know even I can do correctly!

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