FAME! I wanna live for ever……

WOW! What a week! And while this blog post only has a bit of a comment about FAME in it, it does have a lot about famous presenters!

First, let me begin by making sure everyone knows about an awesome EdTechConnect session coming up on November 15 with the one and only David Warlick. It is only open to the first 200 registrants, so register early! The details can be found on the DEN home blog site.

Next, congratulations to Tom Turner and Janet Hallstrom on jobs well done at FAME this week. Tom reported in that he had technical issues and fellow teachers from Brevard saved the day. Other than that, his session on Integrating Digital Video into Content Curriculum was well received! Can you guess what was the core of his presentation? You got it! unitedstreaming! Check out his wiki for more details.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his or Janet’s session because I was in Nashville, TN to see Polk Superstars Kay Teehan, Marcia Hall and Virginia Richard present on Peer Coaching. They were AWESOME! They couldn’t get through the entire presentation because the audience was in awe at how their district gets the job done when it comes to technology integration. I have written paragraphs on how well they did, but decided to cut back a whole lot. I will suggest that you check out their presentation on Peer Coaching when possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get asked to visit some school districts.

I also got to see an old friend at the National Middle School Conference, meet some great new ones – including the mother of one of the Discovery Young Scientists from Miami area, some possible new DEN members from the Panhandle, and more from New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii. OH! And I met someone who’s going to help me plan an AWESOME event for you in the spring! Get out your paintbrushes!

Gerard’s pre-conference was a big success! I got to meet Teryl, who’s been seen commenting on here before. She’s fantastic, with lots of great ideas to integrate media in the classroom! Dinner on the General Jackson – wow! I have to admit, I did not click on the link to see what the General Jackson was, I decided to be surprised. I think the best surprise was getting to sit with all the great future DEN members from Tennessee! (Gerard and Linda got to sit with my Polk team. I am so spoiled by having them in the North Florida DEN.)

We ended the week with a great dinner and some Bug Juice to celebrate Kay’s book and great review by the new Digital Storytelling Guru for Discovery Joe Brennan, Kay’s birthday, and their fantastic presentation. First great night of sleep I had all week.

Thank you to Gerard for letting me mess with your mind this week. Linda, it was great getting to know you better. I did finish that book before I went to bed last night. No vampires I will add. And a special thanks to the Shining Stars that represented DEN so well all week long at their various conferences!


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Glad NMSA went well…I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow at school from Kay!!!

    My angels from Brevard really helped me out of a HUGE jam….I can’t thank them enough.

  2. Michele Futch said:

    OK…Thanks to your FAME post…I have been singing the FAME Theme song in my head all day! 🙂

  3. Tom Turner said:

    Welcome to my world Michele…

    It’s been a constant toon in my head since I walked in the doors at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

  4. Robin Daugherty said:

    Reading about this conference has been extremely beneficial. Tom, I have learned a lot from your powerpoint. I am new to Discovery Education and looking at your powerpoint has given me resources available to me here in Orlando. I am very intrigued by digitales and can’t wait to look more into that website.

  5. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I have to say that I can’t remember any more than that line. I don’t remember that show to well, but then that’s because we didn’t have current television in Germany. So I had to look up the lyrics to get past that first line:
    I wanna live forever
    I’m gonna learn how to fly
    I feel it comin’ together
    People will see me and cry
    I’m gonna make it to heaven
    Light up the sky like a flame
    I’m gonna live forever
    Baby remember my name

    Robin, welcome aboard! Sign up for the pre-conference and learn more about Digital Storytelling from the master! She just might be presenting. 🙂

  6. Tom Turner said:

    Glad to HEPL (yes I know it’s misspelled) out Robin! Anytime you need anything feel free to email me at mithrass@gmail.com or thomas.turner@polk-fl.net adn i can answer questions for you.

    Another great resource to get is Kay Teehan’s book. Being lucky to work with her I’m not really in need to buy it. The link is on my wikipage. It is CHOCK full of great tips and ideas for you to pull from as well.

  7. Laura Neidringhaus said:

    Before I read Kay’s book, I did not have a clue as to where to begin with Digital Storytelling. I still have “miles” to go, but Kay’s book has really given me an understandable roadmap. Often times when you purchase a book, parts of it are beneficial and the rest just fills the space between the covers. EVERY page in Kay’s book is great!

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