YES! I did it! I made it yesterday all the way to Polk to do training and I didn’t get lost! 32645140 My Garmin was at home, and so I had to drive without "G" telling me to turn left or to recalcuate my way if I missed my turn. (Which I did not! I even waved to Connie and the rest of Lime Street Elementary when I passed them!) Then this morning I found my way to Lakeland Heights Middle, again without "G" – and I’ve never been there before! Be proud! I know I am!

Den_logo_final_7_1 So now I’m curious. How many of you can find your way without a navigational link? Here’s the test. We’ve got this really cool event planned for Wednesday before FETC begins, you know that little deal over at Universal Studios that we’re taking applications for. But we’ve got more STARS and DEN members than those that can join us there. Many of you have obligations like meetings or other workshops or you just can’t get out of school for another day and can’t join us even if you want to.

But the networking is SO important to DEN. We want you to network with other DEN Members and share ideas, relax and talk about the hobbies you do in your free time (or dream about doing) or that good book you just read (taking suggestionsfor a good read that does not have vampires in it). We have plenty of room, but we do request that you RSVP via the Discovery Educator Calendar.

Can you find the event without getting lost? Here are some clues:

Frontrow Who: Any DEN Member that RSVP’s on the site.
What: Discovery Educator Network Dinner
When: January 25th
Where: Front Row Fridays on I-Drive and Sand Lake. (Make sure you go to the right Friday’s that night!)
Time: 6-until (sit down dinner, orders taken at 6:20)
How: Register for the event on the Discovery Educator Network website’s calendar!

Oh, one more request – I need photos from South and North Florida for a little show thatStar_chair_md_wht_26469_1 we’re putting together. Or silent film. Anything of our STAR DEN members in action. Due to the hopeful noise level of everyone chatting and sharing we won’t be playing audio clips, just some royalty free music behind the images/video. We need shots that are humorous or that share the true meaning of DEN. Send them directly to me at danielle_abernethy@discovery.com . It might be worth your while. 🙂


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Friday’s Front Row….What a FUN time we will have there. Something for everyone…food, games, sports and for this night DEN members galore!!! for those like Danielle who are geographically challenged and have trouble reading a map, contact me and I can get you there quickly and easily. I look forward to seeing you all in January!

  2. Robin Daugherty said:

    I hope to make it to the dinner, I will have to check the calendar! As far as navigation systems, does mapquest count? I don’t think I could get anywhere without printing directions from mapquest first. I don’t have a navigation, but I have used them and loved it.

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I navigated successfully to the calendar and have registered for the event. I look forward to seeing everyone in January.

  4. Jillian said:

    I am so thankful for opportunities like this. I was looking forward to being part of the DEN for a few years, but didn’t know how to get involved. Now that I’m in I know what I was missing. The resources alone are worth the time and effort. Thanks Discovery! (and thanks peabody)

  5. Cheryl Woolwine - NFL said:

    I found it – and I am looking forward to seeing you all there! Those of you that drove with Danielle in Atlanta last summer understand what a great deal it is that she got anywhere without getting lost! Way to go Danille!

  6. Wendy Norton said:

    I use mapquest but really have a good sense of direction, now my husband is another story gets lost in the mall if you know what I mean. I was able to navigate to the calander and register for the event. Look forward to it!!

  7. Karen Pruitt said:

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone in January! Thanks for this AWESOME opportunity!

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