T+L MovieFest Vol. 2

     Today we’re looking at the movie trailers from the grade 6-8 finalists in NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). First up is the winner from Maitland, Florida’s Hebrew Day School SMS. Their movie trailer “2026” lets the visuals do the most of the talking. Once again, black and white is employed to show the unfavorable side of unchanged education. They also turned the camera at an angle to give the traditilonal classroom an unbalanced look. A split screen effect (available in the higherHebrewmult
level editing packages like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements) highlights the multimedia and multi-tasking classroom of the 21st century. And they have a great image of the flat world.
     The Pino Bengals from Pompano Beach Middle School employ more vPinopovoice in their trailer, but support it with creative photography and special effects. They start out with some sped
up footage to zip us into the future. There’s a nice POV (point of view) shot as you see students enter the cafeteria and then you see what they see. A student also flies through the air thanks to some green screen/chroma key footage and turning the camera at a ninety degree angle.
     Tomorrow, high school students will bring thePinogreen chroma key effect to the foreground and go back to the future for some historic predictions.


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