T+L Conference

Another fantastice day at the T+L conference! I started my day by learning about a program that is new to me called eZediaQTI. I will be able to use it to help the kids make digital stories. They gave each of us a copy of the program so I am excited to be able to begin working with it. I was excited to run into a friend and fellow Discovery Educator from Milwaukee that I met at the SMART Board Exemplary Educator conference in Calgary a year ago. I was able to hear a SMART Board presentation by her fellow teacher. I jump at any chance I get to hear more about the SMART Board. She had some new ideas that I am anxious to try when I get home. I think I would be lost at this point without my SMART Board and United Streaming!!! What did I ever do without them? This afternoon we loved listening to Hall Davidson speak about using the video ipod with videos. You not only get lots of good information from Hall but he has a great and entertaining presentation!! Okay– I am convinced I REALLY need a new ipod!! I ended my afternoon by listening to a Brain Pop presentation. If you teach the lower grades you might be interested to know that they are developing a site called brainpop jr. At this point and until it is through the development stage, everything on the jr site is free. What a great dinner we were able to attend this eveninDiscovery_conference_071_1 g. Discovery once again proved to be the most excellent host as they hosted a dinner at Eddie Dean’s Ranch in Dallas. I can’t believe I rode the mechanical bull but I did and it was quite a fun experience. Time to wrap up a second wonderful day in Dallas and dream about what is in store for tomorrow.


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  1. Robin Daugherty said:

    Thank you so much for the tip on brainpop jr. I have already been the website and explored. It is an exciting resource that I can add to my classroom. Thanks for the information!

  2. Jan Wee said:

    Wonderful blog post – but you are making me so jealous! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the T and L News! Two of my favorite people, too, Hall and Toni! Hall is one of a kind it is very **special** to catch Hall’s presentation as you will never forget the experience or Hall. Toni and Rachel from New Berlin, WI are amazing Smart Exemplary Educators with passion for integrating unitedstreaming! And, proudly, I can say they are Wisconsin DEN members.

    Enjoy the conference!!
    Jan Wee, WI DEN Field Manager

  3. Dick Marchessault said:

    Melanie–thanks for your great updates from the T + L Conference. It sounds like you are getting some useful ideas about new resources and strategies that you can take back to your school. You look pretty brave on the mechanical bull–I think you are going to have some stories to tell when you return to Robinson. Enjoy the rest of the T + L Conference!

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