Transform Your Classroom

In243I have had the pleasure over the past year or so of awarding several LCD projectors to Discovery Educators in Illinois in recognition of their efforts in sharing their expertise with colleagues, contributing valuable materials to the Educator Resource library, and participating in special professional development events. I am writing now to announce the next LCD promotion for STAR Discovery Educators in Illinois, and I am looking forward to presenting a new InFocus LCD projector to an active STAR Discovery Educator just in time for the holidays.

My goal in each of the preceding contests has been to help the winning educators to transform the learning environments in their classrooms or schools because my experiences and observations suggest to me that an LCD projector in a classroom can significantly change the way that teachers work with students, particularly when they are using the digital resources available with unitedstreaming. That goal will be the guiding basis for this initiative as well, and the contest is open to all  STAR Discovery Educators who complete and submit an application for this InFocus contest by Friday, December 1, 2006.

The projector will be awarded to the STAR Discovery Educator who makes the most compelling argument for how a new LCD projector would be used to transform the learning environment in the classroom. The applications will be read and evaluated by an impartial team of educators. I sent information about this special opportunity to all Illinois Discovery Educators by e-mail at the beginning of November, and I will be pleased to send more details and the application form to any interested educators who have not seen the materials. Just click this link to contact me by e-mail.

I will announce the winner of the projector on Friday, December 8, 2006. Thanks again for all of the ways that you are helping other teachers in your schools. Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season! 


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