Putnam Harvest

Stp60574 Last year at FETC, Implementation, Karen and I announced a unique contest to promote the use of unitedstreaming in Florida. The Florida DEN member that logged into unitedstreaming the most won a Gigabyte USB drive. That prize went to Debbie Bohanan of Osceola. This was to support the use of unitedstreaming with Implementation. Then we gave away a prize for to the DEN Members and their Districts that reported the most events on average. This contest supported our goals of reporting events (must have worked, I’m reporting a lot for North Florida!) and it also supported the use of unitedstreaming. If events are going on, then the use of unitedstreaming is going to increase. Virginia Richard of Polk County won first place and received a Digital Camera. Cheryl Woolwine won second place, winning a Gig USB drive. The district? Putnam County! The combined efforts of their DEN members, and their small size gave them a HIGH percentage of events. Their prize? A complete Professional Development Package from Discovery.

So today, 7 months after announcing the winner, we finally were able to host the event! WHAT A DAY! After a warm welcome from 75 Putnam teachers, Karen opened up with Stp60577her famous Germy Donut Lesson. Did I mention we served them donuts for breakfast? Lance Rougeux, DEN Director, joined us to do the official Stp60584 opening segment on Differentiated Learning and wowed us all with some basic Discovery trivia. He warmed everyone up, giving out prizes and highlighting the various sessions to come. If you have ever seen Lance present, then you know it’s full energy and down to Earth, with a touch of Steelers.

Now it was a great treat to have Lance and Karen there, but it got even better. The infamous Steve Dembo came in (at 3 AM in the morning!) to do a session on podcasting. For those of you who are having a memory lapse or are new to DEN, Steve Stp60593 is our online Community Manager, one of the main authors of the National DEN blog and the author of Teach42. He’s also a former Kindergarten teacher, which means he is full of energy and creativity and always fun to have around. He’s also going to be a new father soon. (insert the ahhhhhhs)

Stp60591 The other superstar? Implementation’s Brian Degenhart! This was thrilling because Brian has not yet been to a DEN event – this was his first! YEAH! What’s Implementation? The Implementation Team is the heart of unitedstreaming, helping us with unitedstreaming needs and issues, and to help us smoothly integrate unitedstreaming into our school systems. I have no idea what I would do without Matt Monjan, Brian Degenhart, Craig Halper and Christine. With that in mind, it’s hard for them to come join us in person at events. Their events are often done via webex. They know your name, they know your voices, but they often don’t get to put a face with those names and voices. So thank you Implementation for supporting us on this great day of Discovery and sending Brian to Putnam County.

Stp60585 So with Steve doing podcasting, Brian doing the Builders, that left Karen to do PowerPoint and me to do Photo Story. We repeated the classes after a fantastic Lunch and Learn with Joanne Hayes of Learning Adds Up. Great program, very similar to other fund raising programs like Target and the soup labels. Only difference is not only can your school Stp60588_1 earn money, the school gets an account to use in the media center for student research and tutorial needs, and the students are buying Cosmeo instead of non-educational items.

The true Super Stars though of the day was Putnam County. A special thanks to Marsha Cruce, Cheryl Woolwine, Gary, Stephen, and George for setting up the technology for the day. Thank you to Shelley Thompson for the decorations and to Mellon Elementary for hosting the event. Thanks to Sandra Black for the great recommendation on the caterer (Seasons: 1-877-4mylunch). Also, I’m not sure who took the left overs to the Food Kitchen, but thank you! And to the teachers, for just making a great professional day even better. Your enthusiasm and sense of humor made the sessions even better!

Stp60587This last part won’t surprise you, I forgot to take 1 single picture. So a great big thanks to Karen Seddon for the photos seen on the blog. It was a beautiful event!

Thanks again to all who made our Harvest a very rich bounty!


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine - NFL said:

    WOW – what a day! It was great! As always I learned new things I can use in unitedstreaming – this time I got into podcasting and the audio files available within unitedstreaming, songs, sound clips and speeches! The teachers I spoke with all had a wonderful day and are anxiously waiting our next milk and cookies afternoon to share and expand upon what we learned today. Thanks Discovery! and especially to Danielle for your time and effort in planning the day!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    WoW! What an all-star cast you guys had there. WTG Putnam!

  3. Cheryl Woolwine - NFL said:

    I agree Tom – It was awesome! Maybe the best professional development day I have ever experienced in my 20 years of teaching.

  4. Sydney Breton said:

    Our Day of Discovery was awesome! The event was very well organized, and I received so much new and useful information. I would like to know the name of the hand washing video. I have searched and searched, but can’t find it anywhere.

  5. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I believe Karen got that from the AIMS package. I need to check it. Several have asked.

  6. Marcia Dixon said:

    Great inservice! Wish we could have spent a whole day on each session. I’m planning a lesson for tomorrow using one of the videos and a quiz! Thanks. Also, if you locate the “germs” video, I would like to know where it is…

  7. Nikki Cummings said:

    Discovery Education always does things top notch. This workshop was full of great ideas to implement across the curriculum. I’m so glad I was able to attend.

  8. Tammy Heath said:

    WOW! What an awesome day. I was concerned that the day would be too technical and dry but then I saw the “Germs” presentation (very cute that it followed breakfast)and my fear level dropped. I was delighted with the pace set for the day and the tone set by the presenters. They provided the information needed in a fashion that made it low stress. I’ve never attended a class/presentation by Unitedstreaming or Discovery (outside of those done by our wonderful AT at school) but if they are like this one I definitely want to attend more trainings with them. I learned more in the time I spent with them than in other 2 and 3 day trainings.

  9. Marsha Cruce said:

    Amen to all you said! It was wonderful and the feedback I am receiving confirms that our participants agree. http://pcsdpd.typepad.com/unitedstreaming/
    I dropped the food off at a shelter for battered women.The Soup Kitchen wasn’t open and I couldn’t reach anyone by phone but the ladies and their children were most appreciative. Thanks Discovery for helping out in our community too.

  10. Nancy Methvin said:

    What a GREAT day of learning! My first break out session was “Images Say A Thousand Words” with Danielle Abernethy. I wish I could post an image here because my image could say the thousand words I’m not going to be allowed. My picture would include my HUGE grin from finding this new tool, (Photo Story) to assist me in teaching my kindergarten students at Kelley Smith Elementary. Thank you Danielle and Discovery Education for all that you do for our students.

  11. Lynn Chastain said:

    What an enjoyable day I had at the Discovery Education workshop. I learned about using builders to enhance classroom instruction and how to washout pictures for effective powerpoints. Thank you to all who had a hand in developing and implementing this action packed day of discovery for ourselves!

  12. Paula Adams said:

    I had such a great and informative in-service training this week!!!!!!Discovery Education is the BOMB!
    By the way–I am wearing my Discovery Education Polo shirt that I won as a door prize. IT INSPIRES ME 🙂
    Paula Adams

  13. vkrombach said:

    Thanks for the great workshops and the food. I enjoyed Lance Rougeux ‘s “Differentiating Instruction with Unitedstreaming” . Karen Seddon did a great job teaching us tricks in “PowerPoint Pizazz”. Also, Brian Degenhart (“The Builders “) helped me understand how to customize Unitedstreaming for my classroom. I plan on trying out my new skills soon.

  14. Nancy Pegg said:

    Thanks to all the Discovery Education people who helped extend learning in Putnam County through unitedstreaming, powerpoint, podcasting, etc., etc. Fantastic workshop!!

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