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Denbluestar_wide_12_1_2 Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Discovery has partnered with eInstruction to bring you a special pricing discount to help you integrate technology with even more power. I’m sure you have seen those wonderful remote controls that help even your most reluctant students participate. Watch this incredible video on how these cool clickers Cps20ir20system_1 can help you and your students be more engaged in learning.

Creating quizzes, tests, and even evaluating unitedstreaming video with these devices makes your classroom come alive.  They are fun to learn Irpad_2_1 and fun for the students.  Through this partnership, you can purchase the CPS IR 32-pad system from eInstruction at an incredible price of $995(plus shipping.)  This is a discount of over 50% from eInstruction’s base pricing of $1995!

South Florida STAR DEN members can contact me for more details.

I had a long and fun trip to Pennsylvania last week and meet many awesome PA DEN members.  To my surprise, very few people new about the incredible Interactive Atlas in Launch_atlas unitedstreaming.  This amazing creation is so deeply embedded that you would likely miss it.  Shannon Gaumer, Field Manager for PA/DE made a great screen cast to help you dig down to find Interactive ATLAS.  Check out her creation, but most of all check out Interactive Atlas in unitedstreaming.  It’s a masterpiece.

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  1. Mark Hall said:

    This is really a great price on a wonderful classroom tool. I have a system from a different company and I love what it does for me as a teacher and for my students. I get immediate feedback and the students enjoy using the system. It keeps them engaged in the lessons. I am thinking that this might make a great Christmas gift for my wife who is also a teacher.

  2. Wendy Norton said:

    I have to agree with Mark, I too have a system from another vendor and the kid’s are actively engaged and learning. I think Atlas is great I did a training with the Social Studies group and they were real excited about how much information is given and the movies are really beautiful, the clarity is great. I look forward to next years installments of Atlas, as stated on the Atlas webnair, more are coming.

  3. Marie Coleman said:

    What a great tool — the Interactive Atlas!! How many other “treasures” are so deeply embedded and possibly overlooked? I can’t wait to share with the Geography teacher and others. Great screencast, too, Shannon. 🙂

  4. Tiffany Bonner said:

    I have to have this great tool! Our team earned 300 dollars towards technology, and perhaps we can use matching funds and some money from our internal account to get one for our team. My fingers are itching and I can’t wait for our team meeting to show off this tool that I have been dying to have all year long.

  5. Nicole Clark said:

    Good day!

    I am sold! This would be a beneficial classroom tool since it provides instant feedback. Students always want to know how they performed after a test! It would be a dream to spend more time lesson planning then grading tests!

    The advertisement video struck a chord with me because I am reading “Literacy Moves On” by Janet Evans. Evans and the contributing authors explain that literacy is driven by popular culture and technology, and what teachers can do to improve student success in the classroom. So what do we do? We need to adapt to meet the needs of our students. Let’s give students the remote to control their learning. 🙂

    Does anyone know of any technology grants so I can find a way to buy this productt?

  6. Fotini Guzman said:

    Interactive Atlas is a must see by all teachers. Way cool!

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