Show #4 Discovery Educator Network Podcast – AFI Screen Education Resource

This show features Mitch Aiken the Director of the AFI Screen Education Center and Frank Guttler the Associate Director of the AFI Screen Education Center.  In this interview Mitch and Frank talk about the Screen Education Resource that is now available on unitedstreaming.  It is important to know the correct order to the video resource, which is:

Episode 1: AFI K-12 Screen Education Process
Episode 2: The Door Scene
Episode 3: What Teachers Say
Episode 4: What Filmmakers Say
Episode 5: Student Overview & Script Development
Episode 6: Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
Episode 7: Production & Filming
Episode 8: Editing
Episode 9: Exhibit/Review/Reflect

Be certain to listen for the question at the end for your chance to win a
wonderful prize from the Discovery Educator Network.  Last week’s winner is
Peggy Wood from Elkton Middle School.  Please submit your answer and
put Podcast Answer as the subject.  Keep an eye out for possible future
endeavors between the AFI Screen Education Center and the Discovery Educator



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  1. Debbie Burston said:

    Hi Shannon,
    I listened to the first two podcasts last night. The digital storytelling was great!

  2. Kristin Hokanson said:

    I have been catching up on the Podcast series #1-#4. My favorite so far is the AFI and I am currently watching the series on UnitedStreaming–when is the face to face training????? Don’t want to miss this one especially now that I will be working with HS

  3. Vicki Green said:

    I listened to my very first Podcast tonight (yep, slow to catch on and have time) and I’m hooked. How incredibly awesome: AFI Screen Education Resource. Already contacted a teacher to start watching the videos on unitedstreaming together. Can’t wait to share the Podcast with more! Thank you!

  4. Vicki Green said:

    I joined the webinar: Flattening World & Flat Classrooms presented by David Warlick November 15, 2006 and was in touch with RJ and Erik…neat to see their names. I’ve been inspired by the webinar to buy the book “The World is Flat” this weekend. Rumor has it to be a superb and enlightening book!

  5. Shannon Gaumer said:

    “The World is Flat” is a fantastic book, it really makes you think. I didn’t have enough time to read it so I cheated and listened to the cd’s throughout my roadtrips across the state.
    Happy reading Vicki!

  6. Erik Wittmer said:

    The AFI will is a great series even though I only watched the first episode. It must be nice to be home watching the videos when the newest family member is sleeping (Kristen)!!! Listening to the lastest webinar with David Warlick was great and listening about The World is Flat. Shannon, you need to get XM radio to listen with all of your trips!!

  7. Mary said:

    The AFI podcast was very interesting. I have been trying to think of a way to enhance one of my classes, and this process seems like a great way to do that.

  8. Peggy Barger said:

    In my madness to catch up on my DEN commitment, I listened to podcasts 2-3-4 this morning. Better late than never, but I missed out on all of the contests!! However, so many topics were addressed and I didn’t even have to ask a question. Since I am a digital immigrant – not a digital native, it took me a while to locate the AFI videos. I was only able to answer Brad Fountain’s 2 part question because my daughter and son-in-law were here for Thanksgiving – big time “Lord of the Rings” fans.

  9. Lynda Hoffman said:

    I have to admit. I am still learning this way to listen to items. I really enjoyed the first installment of digital storytelling. I am looking forward to listening to the next one. I am still trying to learn, so I can try to bring this into my Health classes.

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