Show #4 Discovery Educator Network Podcast – AFI Screen Education Resource


This show features Mitch Aiken the Director of the AFI Screen Education Center and Frank Guttler the Associate Director of the AFI Screen Education Center.  In this interview Mitch and Frank talk about the Screen Education Resource that is now available on unitedstreaming.  It is important to know the correct order to the video resource, which is:

Episode 1: AFI K-12 Screen Education Process
Episode 2: The Door Scene
Episode 3: What Teachers Say
Episode 4: What Filmmakers Say
Episode 5: Student Overview & Script Development
Episode 6: Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
Episode 7: Production & Filming
Episode 8: Editing
Episode 9: Exhibit/Review/Reflect

Be certain to listen for the question at the end for your chance to win a wonderful prize from the Discovery Educator Network.  Last week’s winner is Peggy Wood from Elkton Middle School.  Please submit your answer and put Podcast Answer as the subject.  Keep an eye out for possible future endeavors between the AFI Screen Education Center and the Discovery Educator Network.

Download 04_show_4_discovery_educator_networ.mp3


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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    My fourth and fifth grade students are just venturing into podcasting, as I recently bought the ZEN mp3 player recorder at the Discovery Store. We take it around campus for interviews and they narriate their slide presentaitons about the readng basal stories with their own voice and those they interview. Nathan Guteras, N FL DEN member

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    What a tremendous resource! And as much as it delves into film making, its real purpose is to get students engaged in the curriculum, be it math, English, science, etc. Run, don’t walk, over to unitedstreaming after listening to this podcast and check out the video clips and Educator’s Handbook.

  3. Lauri Graybill said:

    Thank you for sharing your views on film-making in the classroom. I think once people see how easy it is becoming for students to create meaningful video and podcasts about educational topics, and how motivating it is for learning, more and more will come on board to include these types of learning experiences in their classroom. One of my kids announced to a room full of parents last year that his favorite thing about podcasting was that I let them do this “instead of learning.” Isn’t it wonderful when you can sneak in a world of learning disguised as fun!

  4. Amy Hinrichs said:

    What great timing– I’m so excited to develop our new high school film studies course with AFI as backup in the classroom! This is a definite homerun. Thanks for the collaboration partnership and tremendous ideas for use.

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