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     I took a variety of remote microphones out to my daughter’s last soccer game of the season last Sunday and tried to get some representative footage of what situations they might be good in. Today we’ll zero on the traditional handheld mic. With a long enough wire, it could be connected directly to the mic input on your camcorder (WARNING – not all camcorders have a separate mic input, check before investing in an external mic!) In this video we are using the handheld plugged in to a remote transmitter. The clip is a “man on the street” type interview. But by placing the mic in a holder on a table, it just as well could be used by two news anchors or a group discussion. Whether in the field or in the studio, wireless or connected, this type of microphone lets you get up close and personal sound from a number voices. Lavhandmic

(Purchasing note: I bought the handheld packaged with a lavalier microphone, a transmitter that connects with either mic, and a receiver that sits on the camera and connects to its mic import for about $139.)

     Click the link below for the interview.




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