Geek Haste

     In my rush to show off my collection of remote microphones, I skipped a very basic step. If you’re going to upgrade your sound capability, the easiest and cheapest solution is to get a couple of external, noise-cancelling microphones for your computers/labs. My recommendation is to get a headphone/mic combination. Why? Because none of us likes the sound of our own voice and we like it even less when we are recording in public. We also want to avoid any background noise that may make it sound like those marketing calls we all receive. In a lab-like situation, the mic/headphone affords some semblance of privacy, both speaking and listening, AND returns a much higher quality sound. However, an eMicrophonexternal mic by itself can be just as good and less expensive. PC users can usually plug a mic right in to the mic/sound in jack. Mac users need a powered device. That power is usually via USB. In the picture at the top left, the mic on the left is 100% USB. The mic on the right has both the direct mini-pin option or connecting via USB. Digitales has a page full of advice and even some directions on making a spit guard to get the most out of your voice.


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