Up Close and…

      A lavalier microphone is a great way to zero in and pick up the sound from one person. It’s also a good way to “eavesdrop” if you want to keep the camera at a distance. The picture at left and the accompanying video (Download Lavalier2.mov) attempt to show this by recording a pre-game talk from the opposite side of the field and slowly moving in. Despite the shakey camera work, the sound remains consistent. The lav could also double as a hand-held. At the end of the video you’ll see that it picks up some of the players’ voices and another coach pretty well. If you unclipped the mic and put it close to each speaker as they offered their advice, you’d get the same sort of “man on the street” interview as you do with the hand-held option. Again, please make sure your camcorder has an input jack for an external microphone before investing in any remote sound devices.


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