Illinois DEN at the IETC Conference

IetcThe 13th Annual Illinois Education and Technology Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Conference Center in Springfield on November 16 and 17, and several Discovery Educators from Illinois played important roles at the conference. Over the course of the two day conference, the following Illinois DEN members presented breakout sessions on a variety of topics:

Caren Appel and Chastity Pick ("SmartBoards for Smart Teachers")
Joe Brennan ("Visual Literacy" and "Digital Storytelling: Makin’ Movies")
Kellie English ("Techno Poets")
Gina Herrmann ("Let’s Make a Movie!")
Gail LeGrand ("Moving the School Online")
Marjorie Siuta ("21st Century Teaching/E-lite—The Guide From the Side")
Matt Sly ("Extending the Walls of Your Classroom Through Moodle")
Lauri VanDerVoorn ("Integrating Technology with the Morton 709 Web Links")

After a full day of conference events activities on November 16, many Discovery Educators, Illinois LTC Directors, ROE leaders, and active unitedstreaming users joined us for a DEN Reception in one of the ballrooms at the Conference Center for an evening of beverages and appetizers. It was a great opportunity to recognize the contributions of the STAR Educators who were able to attend as well as a chance to meet new people and renew friendships with educators from across the state. Congratulations to all of the Illinois Discovery Educators who played an active role at the conference—it was a great success!


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